Ozzfest Has A Special Announcement Coming Soon… Do We Dare To Dream?

The last time there was an Ozzfest in the United States was 2010. The festival was cancelled in 2011 and 2012, though it was brought back to life in China, Japan, in 2013, and Tokyo, Japan, in 2015.

Now in 2016, in an era of reviving just about everything worth reviving (and some not so much), what is Ozzfest up to? The festival’s Facebook page posted the below picture and announcement that there would be a special announcement soon enough. Maybe it’ll just be another revival thing in Japan, but with the lack of Mayhem Fest this summer there sure is a void of big amphitheater summer festivals.

Usually, summer fests are announced around February, so Ozzfest would be a bit behind schedule or it might start a little later. Well, let’s get to speculating… if Ozzfest were to return, who would headline?

We Know for a Fact that Big Announcement will take place mid month and from what we seen it was amazing!!!

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