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Gene Simmons sued along with Ace Frehley by Rachael Gordon for $35 million for sexual battery and palimony

San Diego, California–Rachael Gordon, the wife of Ace Frehley and owner of SpaceAceMusic Inc is suing
Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley for $10m in a San Diego Superior Court. Gene Simmons is also being sued for
sexual battery and damages for $25m in a related suit stemming from occurrences since January 2018.




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The San Diego File no.38 page (62 point) lawsuit against Ace Frehley is 37-2020-00039560-CU-BC-NC


Below Is Press Release From TGR Management


San Diego, CaliforniaRachael Gordon, the wife of Ace Frehley and owner of SpaceAceMusic Inc is suing  Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley for $10m in a San Diego Superior Court. Gene Simmons is also being sued for  

sexual battery and damages for $25m in a related suit stemming from occurrences since January 2018. Background of the Lawsuits and Why Rachael Gordon is Suing 

Rachael Gordon, is a San Diego singer (who had 2 Albums out herself) and local vintage store owner and  designer who put her life on hold for 12 years in a business partnership with “Ace” Paul Daniel Frehley from  2008 to 2020. Rachael performed 9 to 12 different roles and jobs that included clothier, tour assistant, pr  promoter, ghost writer, song writer and composer, singer, cook and cleaner, all without proper pay or  remuneration. Ms. Gordon was referred to by “Ace” as his fiancée at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame  induction for KISS in 2014 and his wife repeatedly thereafter. “Ace” controlled all assets, money, funds, as  well as credit cards, cars and passports. Rachael was not compensated properly with royalties, wages or a 401k plan; she was denied healthcare, dental care and statutory holidays. Rachael worked 16-18 hour days  with duties being told to her with 5-10 minutes notice by “Ace.” “Ace” even ignored Rachael when she was  admitted to Cedars Sinai hospital and refused to accept calls as her fiancée and said to her after two days of  the hospital trying to get him he didn’t care. As an employer would often enter healthcare, dental examining  rooms, treatment rooms and told he was in violation of privacy and health protocols. ”Ace” even refused her  treatment after she broke ribs falling down stairs and also having a cracked tooth and being in massive  dental pain. After 11 years of “employment”, “Ace” as the Employer left the Employee Ms. Gordon with  massive debts, ruined her credit by using her name for applications, and she had no meaningful assets. He  demanded that she sign over a car in her name to give to his Daughter in return for a measly $20g after 11  years of employment. In 11 years of employment,“Ace” claimed that Rachael Gordon as his employee would  receive royalties from studio work, pr events, tour management and tour coordination, and duties such as  cooking, food preparation, cleaning (including doing tasks for the tour staff, band members and  bodyguards), ghost writing a book and performing extensive wardrobe duties that included shopping for  “Ace’s clothes. Ms. Gordon also helped Ghost Write a book for the “Ace” and thought up the name of the  book, chapter titles, font styles used and pictures used. Simon and Schuster published the book “No  Regrets” and she has received no royalties, credit or income from it. “Ace” as her employer repeatedly  insisted to Rachael as an employee and repeated to her weekly for over 12 years that “Your JOB IS ME.” 

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 2 “Ace” never gave Rachael credit for writing/composing entire songs and singing on two of his songs on his  Space Invader Album – Chances and Immortal Pleasures. “Ace” never paid Royalties to Rachael for the songs  and stole this income from her from many other albums that she sang on. Rachael was a professional singer. During this time period from 2009 to 2019, “Ace” insisted publicly in numerous interviews that that KISS  would be “calling him” to rejoin the band in order to increase revenue with him on the tour. Ace never  rejoined KISS at all given his prior employment with the band was viewed as unreliable and influenced by  drugs and alcohol behavior by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. That is the case to today. “Ace” was found forging Rachael’s signature for bank accounts, financial documents, contracts and  purchases after “Ace” made Rachael Gordon CEO of SpaceAceMusicInc. “Ace” was faulted for not paying  mortgages in the past, property taxes and taxes to the IRS. Rachael Gordon found a document where “Ace”  was imitating and practicing her signature after he asked her to sign a piece of paper. Rachael Gordon had  watched the 1951 Movie “Born Yesterday” with “Ace” numerous times and realized he was trying to  duplicate the Harry Brock character and have Rachael sign documents she did not understand to protect him  legally from any further fraud and embezzlement charges. Rachael had witnessed “Ace’s” home in NJ burn  and him laughing about it from the San Diego California penthouse they shared. 

“Ace” as an Employer used racist language, anti-semetic language (told her to “shut your Jew mouth”) to  cover up physical, mental and psychological abuse. “Ace” threatened further assaults and repeatedly  threatened his wife Rachael with phone calls from his prior “wife” Jeanette Teratola wherein Jeanette stated  that Rachael would be “whacked” or her “throat would be slashed” if she in any way would she spoke out  and this diminished “Ace’s ability to earn money”. “Ace” also used his bodyguard Toni to convey these  bodily threats and threats of death to her and her relatives and business associates. Rachael Gordon taped the  anti-semetic slurs and bodily and death threats and will be revealing them to the public in a YT Press  Conference on December 18th, 2020 at 1 pm EST. 

“Ace” as an employer contravened numerous California minimum employment standards and violated basic  safety tenants and even assaulted the employee Rachael Gordon multiple times. Specifically, he kicked her  off a bed so hard with cowboy boots she hit her head on a dresser; he grabbed her neck and strangled her,  and twisted her arms behind her back. After these assaults, one morning “Ace” woke her up by throwing a  deer hunting knife at her and told her that he could “do a lot of damage to her if she ever spoke out.”  Rachael was trapped by “Ace” Frehley in a vicious cycle of abuse, with no funds and no way out.  In late December 2017, “Ace” informed Rachael that she was going to Los Angles to do a PR Event for the  Gene Simmons first Vault experience. Rachael had no choice in the matter, but after driving to the Capitol  Records building and entering the fan event, Rachael was assaulted by Gene Simmons leading to the stage in  the control room. On January 6th, 2018. Gene grabbed Rachael’s hair and whispered in her ear -“Hey, who are  we trying to kid, lets cut all of this bullshit and lets get out of here?” and Rachael responded: “what do you mean?  So jokingly, because Rachael though it was some sort of joke replied – “where are we going” and Gene  replied-“probably straight to hell but I’ll have a lot of friends there.” (Below is Rachael Gordon entering the  Control Room with “Ace” Frehley/Gene Simmons). Gene after the assault introduced Rachael as “Ace’s”  better half but humiliated Rachael on subsequent Gene Simmons Vault “Experiences” from Miami to  Australia. 

“Ace”after being told by Rachael Gordon of the assault told her to shut her “Jew mouth” and stated “there  was a lot of money involved for the final Kiss reunion” that he believed he would be invited to participate in. 

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 3 Friday, January 12th, 2018 “Ace” told Rachael that they would be having Gene as a guest at their house and  he may even spend the night at their exclusive Rancho Sante Fe California 14,000 sq ft Mansion. Rachael was  shocked given the prior assault of Saturday January 6th, 2018. “Ace” asked her to make cookies as Gene had a  sweet tooth. The next day Saturday January 13th, 2018 best friend of “Ace,” Gene Simmons arrived and  immediately took an interest in Rachael Gordon’s decorations, her home, her library of books and two blue couches from  North Carolina. After 4 hours of Gene and “Ace” composing two songs for “Ace’s” forthcoming album, the  pair took a lunch break and made sandwiches. Rachael took a dip in the pool and was in a bikini with a  sundress at the back of their home close to her master bedroom. Rachael noticed after 20 more minutes she  didn’t hear them talking. “Ace” had moved behind their pool and was out of sight walking up the side of the  house watering Avocado Trees. Gene walked up to Rachael Gordon and asked her if she used sunscreen to  which she replied “no.” He distracted Rachael by making the comment that “there is something I have never  seen.”(pointing in Ace’s direction). Rachael asked “what?” Gene replied “Ace watering something.” “Ace” at  that moment yelled out to Gene and said – “Hey Gene, look at this Avocado Tree.” Gene then reached with  his left arm around Rachael and forcefully held her still from that side and then moved his right arm in  between her legs and committed sexual battery and assaulted her inside her bikini. He whispered in her ear C’mon you know who I am.” Rachael broke free from his grip and fled to her private bedroom and went to  the bathroom to discover she was bleeding. She stayed in the bedroom with the doors locked. After a half  hour Gene left and Rachael revealed the Sexual battery assault to “Ace” Frehley. He stated, “You had better  keep your fuckin Jew mouth closed about this! If you fuck up the reunion it will be the last thing thing you  ever do!!!”[The red arrows in the pictures of the Rancho Sante Fe CA Bridges mansion showing the location  of the sexual battery assault of Gene Simmons against Rachael Gordon].

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 4 Gene Simmons had already been sued in 2017 by two separate women, a local San Bernardino TV reporter and a  dishwasher at the opening of their RocknBrews Restaurant in the San Manuel Casino in San Bernardino: After the Bridges sexual battery, Rachael Gordon threw up and was sick and expected her husband of 11  years to comfort her. What she got from “Ace” Frehley completed shocked her. “Ace” claimed she needed to  ‘toughen up to rapes’ and then he claimed later that day that You’ve got to understand not to interfere in  “business”. Gene can go to prison and I told you that.” Thereafter, Rachael Gordon did speak to a female  attorney and this information was conveyed to Barry Mallen, Gene and Kiss’ attorney in Hollywood. Rachael  was told repeatedly to cover-up this sexual assault battery. After the two assaults “Ace” started to take  Trazadone with Vicodin and Norco and then amphetamines and started to act out and say delusional  suicidal statements and he would scream and run after Rachael physically and threatened her daily. Rachael  turned to professionals and doctors to get him off these drugs and to try to straighten him out. Rachael was  trapped by “Ace’s” final controls and daily restrictions. Rachael also was told weekly that she had to sign  cheques as the CEO of the SpaceAceMusic Inc Company and she was extorted that if she refused, band and  staff members would not be paid. She asked to be paid her wage money and threats of bodily harm started  to occur on a regular basis and this culminated with “Ace” throwing a deer knife at Rachael Gordon after she  just woke up with the comment that –“This knife can do a lot of damage to the body and insides of a  woman.” [“Ace” had a history of making threats against women in his life dating as far back 1993 wherein he  states on a security tape in a managerial meeting that a woman who was interfering with his “business” he  would “knock her teeth out” and that he would make sure the woman was silenced. Rachael heard Ace relay  that 5 women he came across that interfered with his life or business disappeared or were silenced. One  woman from Texas also committed suicide by gun with him in the room]. 1:30 “Let her meet us so we can knock her teeth out.”  and it continues at 1:50-“You get me her fucking phone number and address and I will get my father-in law  that and she will be silenced in two weeks.” 

“Ace” disappeared for 60 days in early February 2018 ( Rachael tried to  earn money by getting her next album recorded with a producer and Ken Sharp. Although she got the  album done in studio, she did not get it distributed. As Rachael has NO CONTROL OVER ANY FINANCES  OR WAY TO PAY BILLS at the Mansion, she tried repeatedly to contact “Ace” and he did not return any  calls or emails. Finally out of sheer desperation and that Gene Simmons was his last employer, Rachael  contacted Gene Simmons and told him directly that bills were unpaid at their house and liabilities were  piling up and that Ace would not be present for future appearances if he could not be found. Gene Simmons  immediately responded that “this was a family matter and he would solve this.” Rachael added that if “Ace” did  not return and be responsible she would start talking to the press and expose the assault by Gene and how  Ace was irresponsible as well. “Ace” showed up the next day at 8 a.m. with crumpled flowers and chocolates  and begged for forgiveness. His wig was dishelved and he had urine stains all over his pants. He was a  wreck. Rachael nursed him back to health again.  


On April 13th 2018 “Ace” was summonsed to Paul Stanley’s house according to Ace himself. He drove there  thinking he was being offered a re-union contract. Instead of seeing Scott (Doc) McGhee there with Gene,  only Paul and Gene were there. Gene and Paul stated to “Ace”- “We know she has a lawyer involved. Get  rid of her and get rid of her now.” Gene and Paul were directing “Ace’ Frehley even out of the band that even  to be considered for any role with Kiss even the upcoming KISS KRUISE at Halloween or EOTR that he had  to “get rid of Rachael”. “Ace” was shocked and asked to leave and return to San Diego. “Ace” confided to  Rachael when he got home the truth of the meeting and stated that he would not leave or hurt his “poodle”  (his daily nickname) for Rachael.  

Rachael Gordon was then contacted by his long time mafiaosa associate Buddy Gasenza who was the sole  occupant of the house Ace owned when it burned down in Westchester, NY. He indicates that given Ace is  away, Rachael should take a “break” and go to Catalina Island and that he has a hotel room waiting for her.  Rachael sees right through this plot to harm her and declines. She was actually recording her album which 

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 5 Ace claimed when he came back was a “feather in his hat” to produce, but of course he didn’t do so and  Rachael lost income and royalties due to his lies and destruction of her independence.  “Ace” eventually returned to the Gene Simmons Vault experiences with a combined Tour in Australia  starting August 28th, 2018 for the vault experience starting with a 22 hour flight to Adelaide with Rachael  ( and then playing a combined show with the Gene  Simmons band 3 days later in Sydney, Australia. [ and].  

Rachael Gordon then had to spend the rest of the year 2018 on the road with “Ace” as an employee for fan  Gene Simmons Vault “experiences” from St. Louis to Miami to all the way to Australia and was constantly  verbally harassed and humiliated by Gene Simmons. As the year drew to a close, “Ace” believed with all his appearances for the Gene Simmons Vault and the  money he made and the fact that obeyed Gene, the Chairman of the KISS Catalog (a $3b company) that he  would be rewarded with a new contract and rejoin the band.  

Gene invited “Ace” and Rachael to the KISS KRUISE VIII, which is an annual KISS Halloween Kruise. “Ace”  played the opening sail away acoustic set with Bruce Kulick and Tommy Thayer, but a strange event  happened thereafter. There was a knock on the Frehley suite and “Ace” was scheduled to do a traditional Q  & A with the fans. Each year, Paul, Gene and the other band members do something individually with the  fans. Even their Manager “Doc” McGhee would do scheduled Q&A’s or funny fan events. But 10 minutes  before “Ace” was to do his Q&A, “Kiss” and Gene Simmons sent a runner to advise “Ace that his Q&A was  cancelled by “KISS” but he was paid $100,000 in cash. This was witnessed by Rachael and two other “Ace”  crew. “Ace” was clearly shaken and upset by this and Rachael and his team viewed this as quashing any  potential controversy for Gene Simmons given his conduct and behavior that “Ace” may expose. Ace  commented in interviews that he “really didn’t have a good time” on the Kiss Kruise and specifically noted  that no one approached him or thanked him after his appearance at the opening night acoustic set. Ace and  Rachael departed the boat in Miami humiliated for that appearance and for the rest of 2018. Kiss was gearing  up for a sold out worldwide End of the Road Tour (EOTR) that was set to last 2-3 years and the only promise  of any appearances for Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley was a final last show Madison Square Garden appearance  with Peter Criss. Rachael Gordon was followed and harassed daily on the Kiss Kruise by Kiss staff and  offered liquor repeatedly for free which she refused.  

KISS opened their EOTR Tour in Vancouver Canada on January 31st, 2019 and two days prior Gene did a pre opening night interview. Gene Simmons was asked if “Ace” Frehley would be rejoining the band for any of  the Tours dates and Gene responded “not on your life” as Ace was unreliable.  

[Explanatory Rolling Stone article wherein “Ace” Frehley responds with the “Gloves are off” statement– Ace reveals that Gene Simmons sexually assaulted his wife Rachael Gordon, propositioned her and  humiliated her. ? 786373/]. Ace stated that Gene Simmons was a predator his entire life and that he clearly assaulted and  propositioned his wife Rachael Gordon. 

“Ace” now had a sudden interest in the January 13th, 2018 assault at the Bridges home, a year later after his  wife was assaulted and she told the truth. After this tift and with KISS clearly on their mulit-million EOTR  without “Ace,” he goes back to touring starting in January and again in May 2019. It is during this time that  Rachael overheard him at a pool screaming at his daughter that she needed to put on a proper top and jacket  and accompany him to the bank. Later, Rachael found out from the bank that he tried to switch bank  accounts for the company from Rachael Gordon to his daughter Monique. For more than a decade Monique  who was only 10 years younger than Rachael terrorized Rachael Gordon. There was constant requests to her  father to help for drug rehabilitation or pay for hospitalizations. “Ace” had to pay the bills, send her money,  or fund her drug adventures. Many of these instances were frightening and involved law enforcement, courts  and jails. Tens of thousands were spent on her. “Ace” revealed that he had given his daughter hard drugs in  hotel rooms as early as 14 years old and felt he should be her dealer and no one else to “protect her.” Rachael  was shocked and mortified by these statements and had witnessed the end result of this when Monique  would go into rages and “Ace” locked her in a closet. It was then that the “other Ace” truly came out with  threats that if Rachael revealed what she saw to anyone her “throat would be slit by Monique’s NJ Mafia  Mothers family.”

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 6 Reality really sets in for “Ace” Frehley. NOTHIING HAS CHANGED VIA KISS, A REUNION, GENES  STATEMENTS THAT “Not on your life would Ace be allowed back in the band” the statement that Gene  made about Ace at the end of January 2019 and Ace a year later after the assaults takes an interest in. But his gloves are off social media fight with Gene only leads to them going on exhausting Gene Vault  experiences from LA to Miami to Australia and places like KC. It’s not a tour. Ace is fed up and angry. 

He decides he is going to do what he has always done. How you get out of a relationship is more important  than how you got in. Ace reverts back to his NY mafia self. He is going to leave but not leave Rachael a note,  a text, or a message thru a third party. No he is going to ambush her. He plans this very very carefully to  make Rachael grovel and not only teach her a lesson about not following HIS DIRECTIONS never to interfere  with his “business” (see above video of 1993 threats about a woman that interfered with his “business” and  disappeared), he is going to teach Rachael that the 5 women he detailed to her who disappeared who did not  follow his “directions” paid with their lives. If Rachael gets roughed up in the process so be it. He is not  going to rough her up, he has bodyguards to do this.  

In May, 2019 “Ace” claimed that he wanted to lease another home in the nearby Rancho Del Lago estates and  asked Rachael to plan for their wedding. Rachael stated she just hoped for a normal wedding. As her  birthday was approaching in late June, “Ace” told her that they would do their normal trip to Palm Springs.  Rachael already had an engagement ring. ON June 25th, 2019 after returning from their annual birthday trip,  “Ace” told Rachael that he wanted Rachael to rest up for another move a surprise for another home in the  Rancho Del Lago complex. Rachael was stunned by this announcement by her fiancée husband of 12 years  but he says she needs to “rest up” for the wedding. “Ace” told Rachael that she was not going on the next  leg of his endless touring at it is “too rough.” After, Rachael checks with a tour manager named Pat and he  discloses that there is nothing out of the ordinary for this leg of the Tour to NY and Massachusetts. Pat  comments it is the standard clubs and comp’d hotels, nothing unusual. Ace is not referring to the tour at all.  He is referring in his head to what he is planning. It was all planned out. Buddy, Toni and Monique were all  in on it. 

Rachael was going to be ambushed and “roughed up” for talking to a lawyer, upsetting “Uncle Gene” and his  threatening lawyer Barry Mallen for revealing the sexual battery of January 13th, 2018 and the Capital one  common assault. The meeting at Paul Stanleys house had taken place, Ace had believed he was being  brought there to negotiate a return to Kiss for the EOTR tour. He expected Scott Doc McGhee to be there. Doc wasn’t there at all, just Gene and Paul. If news of the Gene assaults had hit TMZ or any LA news media  this would affect the ticket sales for EOTR. They were starting in Vancouver Canada by end of that year. Over 100 dates were negotiated and nothing was going to stop this KISS farewell EOTR. Ace asked about his  place in the Tour. That drew a blank stare from both of them. Paul’s wife and kids were there and they  whispered to him “get rid of her.” Ace is stunned. That is all he got. 

Cupcakes, Liz and the Kids 

The Tour dates for Ace Frehley in late June 2019 included starting in Englewood NJ on June 28th Wilkes Barre, PA; Sayreville NJ; Huntington NY; White Plains NY; Beverly, MA and ended on July 6th, 2019. The  Tour stopped that segment on July 7th in Beverly, MA. “Ace” disappears. Rachael thinks he was heading to  Vegas (maybe even back to the Newport townhouse he bought for his daughter). 

It is Monday July 8th and he is flying out that day. Rachael did not hear from “Ace” after the tour as she  normally does. Rachael did not know where he went but he called on Thursday, July 11th, 2019 to say he  would be home the next day Friday July 12th. Rachael is excited. She was told by “Ace” that he had plans to  buy a new house in the exclusive Rancho Del Lago gated community in Rancho Sante Fe. She was told that  she would planning her wedding in the house. This is where Rachael was living with “Ace at that time. 6515  Primero Izquierdo – Santa-Fe_CA_92067_M10653-52210. She could not imagine living in an even bigger mansion. Rachael  prepared for this homecoming on July 12th, 2019. Rachael’s father was living in a spare bedroom as he was  suffering from cancer and “Ace” was close to him. Rachael invited a close friend of hers, Liz and her two  young children to come to the Pool and meet “Ace” the next day.

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 7 Ace thinks Rachael is alone except her father in the 6515 Mansion. On the morning of July 12th, 2019 it is  boiling hot in Vista, CA. Rachael had invited the night before her best friend Liz to come over with her two  kids, an 8 year old and a 10 year old. Unbeknownst to Ace however. They had never seen such a mansion  when they arrived. The kids thought Aunt Rachael was a Queen and where was her King? Rachael bought Ace’s favorite cupcakes for his arrival back in California. 

Thank God for Cupcakes and Texts and the ability to attach a picture to a Text. 

Rachael texts Ace and includes a pic of the cupcakes, and she adds that her best friend Liz is there with her  two kids and they are in the POOL. Ace slams on the brakes and delays his arrival for hours.  Rachael wonders where he is??? He is due home to start planning a WEDDING.  

Finally in the early afternoon he burst threw the door. Toni goes for Rachael and states repeatedly if she  makes a move, she will be “laid out or shot dead.” That is a felony attempt murder statement. ”Ace”, his daughter Monique and Toni go to the office in the mansion and Ace removes cheques, statements,  Gold Albums and guitars. Toni the guard who is armed with a shotgun and pistol is threatening Rachael  again. Rachael somehow gets a phone call off to the police (The San Diego Sheriffs Department is the local  police in Racho Sante Fe). Ace and Monique hi five each other. Monique threatens to have Rachael killed  (ostensibly for revealing the Gene assault). Liz and her kids are petrified and ask to leave. Liz keeps asking – “Who are these horrible people? And she cannot comprehend how they are related to Rachael and how did  she get trapped in such a terrible horrid situation. The Sheriffs dept arrives with one officer.  

Toni confronts the SD Sheriff’s Officer unarmed and convinces him that Ace as the owner is evicting Rachael  or something to that effect. The officer does not properly investigate the horror that is going on and leaves. Ace.  Monique and Toni eventually leave after an hour or so. Rachael collapses after Liz leaves. Her father is there  as a witness as well. “Ace” as he is leaving communicates that the house is paid for rent until August 3rd and  Rachael must vacate prior. That is the last time she sees “Ace” Frehley until a court proceeding in 2020. 

Toni the Bodyguard of “Ace” Frehley 

Toni was the bodyguard of “Ace” Frehley since (year). Toni has a very specious past of felony assaults in the  Los Angeles area and a long history of felony violations of numerous firearm laws. Yet “Ace” still hired her.  After numerous instances of threats and carrying around firearms Rachael asks Ace to ensure that Toni is no  longer employed at their home. Ace agrees. But on JULY 12/19 she is there.

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 8 REPERCUSSIONS OF “ACE” FREHLEY TAKING DIRECTIONS FROM GENE SIMMONS-THE KISS  CONSPIRACY AND TOTAL RUINATION OF RACHAEL GORDON from 2018 to 2020. In 2004 Wendy Moore who was a “girlfriend” of Ace Frehley released a tell all book that is identical to what  Rachael Gordon went through with him behind the scenes in terms of physical, psychological and financial  ruin. Wendy was only 28 years old when she met the 47-year-old Ace Frehley. He could have been her father.  However Rachael was an established singer, had show business in her family, and was a business owner as a  41 year old when she met Ace (who was a 56 year old in 2008). Rachael unlike Wendy did not do drugs with  Ace and actually is the person responsible for him never touching drugs except 60-day relapse in 2018 after  the KISS conspiracy direction to get rid of Rachael Gordon occurred in April 2018.  In July 2019 Rachael’s home was ransacked. Ace had used one of his bodyguards during the ransacking  attack on July 12th to destroy $50,000 blue drapes (Pic 1) that hung in a beautiful room and he punched  several holes in the walls and walked out after this massive damage. 

Given that Rachael faced eviction in less than 3 weeks in August 2018, she allowed one of Ace’s Bodyguard  Big Chris into the Mansion to retrieve one of Ace’s items and he stated that Ace was planning the attack for  

months and wanted to destroy the mansion and spoke openly of this. After their separation that was the  result of Ace colluding with “KISS” his former employer to eliminate Rachael and Rachael made contact with  another attorney named Debra Opri in L.A. who was a native NY’er and claimed that she would get Rachael  on “T.V. and sue him for millions.” Debra Opri was threatened by Gene Simmons’ lawyer Barry Mellon with  a libel and slander suit and she disappeared faster than she appeared.

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 9 August 2019 to November 2019 – Ace Frehley continues to threaten Rachael Gordon, Barry Mallen  obstructs Justice and covers up the Sexual Battery of Gene Simmons and threatens Rachael Gordon and  numerous witnesses (Witness tampering). 

In August 2019, Gene Simmons lawyer contacts Rachael Gordon after he finds out that their bribes and  threats worked against her lawyer. Rachael has no way to pay for moving, rent, food, car insurance. She has  no access to income, food whatsoever. Like a VULTURE form above, Barry Mallen and “negotiates” in the  worst case of Victim ABUSE in the history of the United States and California. He demands that Rachael  Gordon come to his Los Angeles office to be paid money related to her “employment” for appearing at  GeneSimmonsVault experiences with her husband Ace Frehley. But when she arrives Barry Mallen has a  NDA (ISIS document to silence Domestic Violence victims that he has used over 20x to buy sexual assault  victims, witnesses and even attorneys like Debra Opri in exchange for cold hard cash) that he slides across  the table initially without any threats for Rachael to “receive her money.” What Barry Mallen is doing is not  legal. It is not an out of court settlement. It is witness tampering. The proof is in his concomitant move. He  contacts Ace Frehley and demands that he sign a statement that he saw Gene Simmons do nothing on  January 13th, 2018 even though Ace was notified of the assault. Rachael is forced to take chump change  money for work and sign a NDA under duress. The money would run out by January 2020. 

IN late August, 2019 Rachael Gordon with her attorney files for a restraining order against Ace Frehley. He  is not reachable and it takes weeks to find him. Rachael has to move to another house in SD County and  quickly her remaining money diminishes. Ace Frehley had taken her ability to function with no bank  accounts, credit cards, and even her Passport, which he held and refuses today to return. “Ace” returned two  times to get property and both times he threatened Rachael Gordon and even her friend with bodily harm  and for Rachael Gordon death. He first indicated that he would make her life a living hell. But the second  time he came back stoned and drunk to obtain a Jaguar and a Jeep he gifted Rachael. Rachael had no income  and no way to support herself and was intimidated by Ace into signing back over the two high-end vehicles  for only $20g. “Ace” told Rachael that if she didn’t sign the cars over TO HIM (as he had access to weapons  and had a bodyguard) that would “be the last thing she did on the face of the earth.” Rachael was shaking so  badly that she had her friend Sherri was there as a witness to this and he demanded that Sherri type an  agreement for Rachael sign over the Cars to him so he could go register them with the DMV. They  “negotiated” a fraudulent under threat of death agreement and Ace refused to offer more than $20g for a  $27g Jaguar and a $134g Bentley. Rachael Gordon is filing a separate lawsuit to re-obtain these cars given the  fraudulent theft that occurred. “Ace” went on to say that he would ensure Rachael would never worked in  the music industry and never made a dime. “Ace” told Rachael that he was speaking to all her friends.  Various friends such as Jay and Thomas did verify that Ace threatened them with numerous spurious  threats. “Ace” spoke of being a violent member of the Ching-a-ling Gang from NY and he honed his skills  and would use them against Rachael. [see- Ling%20Nomads] 

“Ace” indicated in saved Texts to Rachael Gordon that he would set up a Palm Springs house for Rachael  and stated that $6g per month for a lease was “doable.” Ace never followed through on this promise at all. 

Over the next 4-5 months various cars arrived at Rachael’s new rental house and they would be  photographing her and intimidating her. She also received threatening text messages and voicemails.  Rachael reported these to the Police and they did nothing. As the 2019 year ended, Rachael prepared for her  restraining order hearing but in December, her attorney Alexander Mint disappeared. Rachael was forced to  seek another attorney. She felt her first attorney was pressured and bought off to leave by Ace. Ace retained a local attorney in SD Jennifer Goldman who obtained a deposition order and forced Rachael to  endure a grueling 7-hour deposition in which Rachael was asked spurious questions about her hair, clothing  and her shopping which was meant to prove that Rachael was taken care and should have “no complaints.” 

Through a friend, Rachael was referred to Jared Coleman who took the basis of a complaint being developed  and appeared with Rachael at her restraining order hearing in mid January 2020. Rachael life would be  irrevocably harmed by the ruling at this hearing in the San Diego Superior Court (North Division).

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 10 2020 RACHAEL GORDONS LIFE IS STOLEN AND SHE IS HOMELESS AND IS DESTITUDE. Rachael Gordon bravely goes to Court to testify against her husband of 12 years. All the evidence of the July  12th, 2019 ambush assault against her father by Toni the Bodyguard, Monique Frehley and Ace Frehley and  Chris another bodyguard. There was a fifth person in the garage that was unidentified. The Court heard all  the evidence in particular a voice recording made by the defendant that clearly indicated Toni yelling at  Rachael that she would shove a loaded gun into her body and fire it. The Judge ruled that there was no  present danger to Rachael even with all the threats made by Buddy Gonzensa, Monique Frehley and Jeanette  Frehley who specifically said she would be “whacked for speaking out” and her “throat would be slashed”  were ignored. The Judge did indicate that the parties had to negotiate both financial and property issues to  avoid going to court. “Ace” actually continue to lie outside the courtroom and claims that Rachael didn’t  want to accept that the “relationship was over and she used a temporary restraining order application to try  to get my belongings.” This was clearly a pathological lie and false statement given in the transcript “Ace”  indicated in the transcript that Rachael could “keep all the contents of their shared mansion and he did not  want any of it.” against-former-kiss-guitarist/2245603/ Rachael Gordon’s attorney tried to negotiate with Jennifer Goldman  regarding wages, appearances, royalties, support and the property. Ace just indicated she could keep it and  let his attorney go. “Ace” has was never heard from again PUBLICALLY but privately he lambasted Rachael  and he sent cars and private investigators to harass her while she was in poverty. He stated to her – :”you  never should have put a restraining order against me, I am going to make your life very very difficult.”  “Ace” stated that he had to replace her on the red carpet.” He also let her passport expire after holding it for  more than a decade. Rachael could not travel and her credit was ruined. In 2015, Rachael attempted to open  an account at the Chase Manhattan in their penthouse building. When she went into the bank to open the  account, she was informed they could not do it cause her credit in her name was so low and ruined. Rachael  informed Ace of this fact and he screamed and threatens to kill her. 

From February to March, Jared Coleman prepared a 38-point complaint claim for $10m given the egregious  violations of Rachael rights the money owed to her. Rachael was left with massive debts, ruined credit, no  passport, two cars stolen from her and with no place to live past March 30th, 2020. The leased house rent  could no longer be paid and within 60 days by the end of May. Rachael believed that COVID laws from  Governor Newsom would protect her when she received Forcible Detainer eviction papers. She advised her  attorney and he indicated he was working on filing a claim. She advised her landlord(s) of her situation and  they indicated they would work her to solve the rent debts. However she still received eviction papers. San  Diego County directed its Sheriffs to start evict commercial properties July 1st, 2020 and then residential  properties September 1st, 2020 in contravention of Governor Newsom direct order only to evict in situations  of a criminal operation in the house or a threat to public safety and health. Rachael Gordon fitted none of  those conditions and was evicted by being threatened by 5 Sheriffs officers against her alone. Her Rabbi came  and tried to help her. The Attorney involved Tim Kinderlan then extorted $3,880 from her by charging her  $250 a day as a reasonable storage free and prevented her access to her property for 14 days in contravention  of CA Civil Rules of Procedure for evictions. Rachael was only given 8 hours to remove over 5,000lbs of  furniture. Tim Kinderlan then stole $146,000 worth of property (including a $16,000 golf cart that belonged to  Ace) from her home. Rachael had to pay $880 for storage and a further $300 per mo in another storage. 

On September 25th, after spending 15 days in a hotel paid for by her Synagogue, Rachael Gordon was  homeless. A sexual predator named Bernie Kellish offered her a room in a trailer. While Rachael was in the  hotel on her last night, “Ace” called Rachael Gordon one last time and claimed he was in Newport Beach.  Rachael indicated to Ace that she had not eaten for 15 days and was hungry and lost 35lbs. “Ace” denigrated  her humanity again and claimed to her she would look like Bridget Bardot. Ace invited to her dinner but he  quickly yelled at her that she “was doing all this to herself (victim blaming) and she deserved this for not  keeping her mouth shut about him and KISS.” He added, “You want to act like a child you will be treated  like one” and hung up. Rachael went to the Kellish trailer and was over a month period raped 7 times and on  October 28th, 2020 beaten about the head. Chula Vista police were called (Badge #1200 Bears) came and after  taking a statement – “high fived” the offender Bernie Kellish and told Rachael she had to move out. 

KISS GENE SIMMONS AND ACE FREHLEY SUED–TGR PRESS RELEASE–December 19 2020 11 Rachael had used her last money to pay for another two storages. The Chula Vista Police never charged  Bernie Kellish for assault or rape. No SART procedures were followed and Rachael received no medical  assistance. Rachael is suffering headaches and has no healthcare or dental care. Kellish put his name on the  account and then tried to extort $2,800 from Rachael for back rent he claimed after a month. The L Street  Storage supported this and Jared Coleman the attorney had to intervene to get the Storage to release her  property. 

On October 28th, 2020 the same day Rachael Gordon was savagely beaten about the head by a rapist predator,  Jared Coleman after 9 months delay finally filed a $10m complaint with the San Diego Superior Court. Paul Daniel “Ace” Frehley stated to TGR management when contacted replied that it was “not my problem”  when Rachael Gordon was brought up. He was served nonetheless and must appear in San Diego Court.  Gene Simmons (aka Gene Klein) is being sued for $25m. Both are being investigated by the SD Sheriffs  Department and District Attorney of San Diego for sexual battery, death threats, fraud, forgery and Identity  theft. Doc (Scott) McGhee KISS’ manager is rumored to have quite management of this over these facts and  will not represent KISS past their KISS 2020 Goodbye Concert December 31st, 2020 in Dubai. Rachael Gordon  is homeless with no healthcare, no dental coverage, no money and is destitute this Christmas. Rachael  Gordon is trying to survive by selling memorabilia at “Ace” is hiding in Lafayette, NJ. Rachael Gordon was not allowed to speak and was used by ACE and KISS and stripped of her rights as a  woman, she was stripped of all her rights an American and as human being right down to only being  allowed to speak to when spoken to.  

The San Diego File no.38 page (62 point) lawsuit against Ace Frehley is 37-2020-00039560-CU-BC-NC For further information contact – TGR Management at [email protected]