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Interview with Kissing Candice

Sofa King Cool caught up with Kissing Candice and we discussed the new single Raise Her and the crazy new video the shot for it, we discuss how hard it to have an album done for over a year and not releasing it yet, bands trying to stay afloat during covid, the future of touring, all the merch they put out, the chances of a Kissing Candice movie, and what is next for the band





“Raise Her” was one of the first songs written for their, still to be titled, new album, due out sometime in 2021. All filters are off as the video demands a response. “Raise Her” cannot easily be modulated by those of weak constitution, as it is set to brew in its own depths of leaden divergencies. The song and video continue to redirect the voyeur as they crane their neck to see the car wreck. Kissing Candice continues to generate controversy and push the horror metal line of, “How far do we slice this one?”


Guitarist Dreamer (Tom Sciro) on the song “Raise Her”:
‘”Raise Her” is a complete serotonin overload, saturated in fetishism from all aspects. The song explores and exploits the different and varied ways humans tend to indulge themselves in whatever gets them off. This could include all things sensual and sexual, all the way to having power, control, and even extreme fetishism including violence, blood, and everything dark.”

Bassist Grip (Mike Grippo) on the song “Raise Her”:
“Raise Her was one of the first songs we wrote for the new album. After the love for the closing track “Unravelled” on our previous EP, we went into the studio with the idea of doing something out of the box for us. Rather than focus on the heavy instrumentation most of our listeners are used to, we went in a more brooding direction with “Raise Her” while including some of our darkest lyrics to date. It explores the darkness that resides in the back of people’s minds.

We had wanted to release “Unravelled” as a single last cycle but ended up not doing so. So it was a no brainer for us to get one of the more strange and different tracks from the album out as one of our first singles… to show the variety of sounds we have coming soon. The darkness in “Raise Her” was also extremely fun to convey visually in the music video. We all unanimously had the same idea for it, and are all very excited with how the video came out. We haven’t ever been this anxious to see how our fan base receives a song and video thus far!

Vocalist Aunt Donna (Joey Simpson) on the MUSIC VIDEO for “Raise Her”:
“I want people to watch this music video and walk away saying “what the hell did I just watch?!? I think I like it… “

“This video is just another visual piece of the new album. When everything is finally released it’s gonna be one hell of a horror movie!”

“This video is just another visual piece from the new album, when everything is finally released it’s gonna be one hell of a horror movie”
– Kissing Candice


Kissing Candice is a brutal yet melodic masked metal band based out of New York. Combining the grooves of early nu-metal and the pulsing electronics of industrial, with modern aggression and edge, Kissing Candice is a horrific force to be reckoned with.

Kissing Candice has released material with both Victory Records and Stay Sick Recordings. They have relentlessly toured nationwide as part of the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival in 2015, along with artists such as Mushroomhead, The Browning, I Set My Friends on Fire, Psychostick, Bam Margera, Combichrist, and many more!

In February 2020, Kissing Candice returned to the studio with producer Zach Jones to begin work on their upcoming full-length. With no label behind them, the band emptied their own pockets along with turning to their fans for a perk-packed crowdfunding campaign. Immediately after the album was complete, live music came to a HALT! Slowly but surely, the band is working around the clock to roll out their new album, which will decimate the new year and show the metal world what Kissing Candice is capable of.

We are celebrating the 5 year anniversary of our first full-length album! We are releasing the original version that no one has ever heard. This cut of the album had a slightly different mix but the big difference was the movie and television show samples we had become notorious for on our first 2 EP’s. Due to the album being late, the samples originally had to be cut from the album.
Now, five years later we are releasing the album with its original mix for the die-hard fans to hear. This also includes a mostly finished demo of the song “Hype” which was never completed as our scheduled guest vocalist never made it to the studio and we had run out of time. We, unfortunately, had to cut the song, which was a huge bummer as we feel it was one of the heaviest tracks on the album! This is the first time it is seeing the light of day! However, only to a select few as we have decided to go strictly very limited physical copies of this version. It is being released on 100 -18 0g Pink Vinyl, 10 white label test pressings, and 60 Pink Cassettes. This version was never meant to be public, but we wanted to prove to those who didn’t believe in its existence that it IS OUT THERE!
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