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Video Premiere: Evandale – “Little Sista”

Sofa King Cool and Evandale have  teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Little Sista” 

“Little Sista” is Evandale’s second single from the upcoming album titled All or Nothing. With it’s anthemic chorus, driving guitars, and hard-hitting drums, “Little Sista” is a must have on every playlist and library. Stream or download “Little Sista” on all major platforms.


Evandale is a straight shot of rock and roll from Omaha, NE that simply loves to bring their brand of rock music to their fans. They are a band full of loud guitars, kickass drums, and melodies that are unforgettable. The three-part harmony is a trademark of the Evandale sound that they have no problem flaunting and love to do so. Evandale pride themselves on their stage show, presence (both on and off stage), and as professionals in the business that is musical entertainment. Five members make Evandale including Eddie Jay on Lead Vocals, Chad Riche on guitar and vocals, Jake Loehr on guitar, Cody Du on bass and vocals, and Ryan Lang on drums. These guys love playing music, and meeting every fan possible that supports their music, passion, and dreams.  

Sofa King Cool was able to catch up with Evandale  and discuss the new single

What is The story behind the song?
Little Sista is an acknowledgment and apology in some way to a person who is their own worst enemy; someone who knows they are no good for themselves but also can’t be helped by anyone else.
Does the song have personal meaning to you or was it something you wanted to get across to your fans?
The song isn’t necessarily about any one person or experience, we just noticed a lot of people in our world now are consumed by substances of some kind. People struggling with addictions, choices, or even insecurities; and a lot of those people know they have issues but you can’t help them if they don’t want to help themselves. That’s kind of the basis of the whole song.
What was the writing process on this track?
We actually have had the song for a very long time, a couple of years at least. It was a much more driven song initially and never really felt like Evandale. One night we were all jamming and felt like playing something along the heavy side so we brought this song back out and reworked it. As soon as we rewrote the verse riffs we knew that was going to be the final version. The song felt so much like Evandale without losing any of it’s energy. We knew at that point it would be on the new album “All or Nothing”.
What was the vibe you were going for on this track
We really wanted to keep it driving and high energy. With the chorus being so anthemic we aimed to keep the momentum in the verses without straying too far away from that Evandale sound.
How do you describe your music to people who never heard it before?
Evandale is a modern rock ‘n roll band who capitalizes off the ability to write great songs from slow, sappy ballads to high-flying, head-banging rock ‘n roll. Along with the great vocal range and textures of our lead singer, we incorporate two and three-part harmonies when fitting, and we always like a good jam riff or guitar solo.
Has the Pandemic impacted your music and songwriting?
The biggest impact the pandemic has had on us would definitely be the loss of so many live shows and plans for 2020. We had some festivals lined up this year that we were really looking forward to, as well as plans for a cd release show for the new album “All or Nothing”. Obviously, from that we were hoping to tour the midwest and share the Evandale live show with some states who haven’t seen us yet. We are hoping to pick up in 2021 though and already have one of the festivals rebooked for next year! The silver lining within this year though is it has opened our eyes to how much we had before and how much we really loved and appreciated all of those moments on stage, in front of new faces, and meeting new fans.
We look forward to 2021 and are very hopeful that Evandale can continue to push forward and keep rocking stages all around the US once things get back to normal.

Check Out The New Video Below and purchase the song Here