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Dethklok and Babymetal Concert Photos and Review

As soon as I saw that Babymetal and Dethklok announce the Babyklok tour, I immediately looked into buying tickets. I had long since binged watched “Metalocalypse” and learned of Babymetal stemming from articles I had read about Rob Zombie coming to their defense a few years ago. I thought it was an interesting pairing of the two for this tour, but at the same time seemed to make a lot of sense. Both bands are novelties in their own ways, but both bands also put on incredible shows in their own ways. 

Babymetal was the first of the co-headliners to go on. Unfortunately, having missed the very start of their set due to traffic but made it inside the venue midway through the first song, and it was already apparent how excited everyone already was by both the music and their choreography. What was very impressive was how in the roughly hour-long set, they took almost no breaks but kept the happier looks on their faces. Smiles are sometimes a bit of a rarity at a metal show, but also one of my favorite things to capture, artists truly enjoying their trade. Normally I have to wait for between song band banter to get anyone looking happy with this type of music. I was not sure how much crowd interaction I was expecting to see, but when they asked the crowd to shine the lights on them during their song Monochrome, the sea of lights looked as beautiful as ever and helped reflect on their incredible outfits. 

I was not exactly sure what to expect with Dethklok, while technically a live band with a creator of “Metalocaplypse” fronting the band, playing as the fictional band but regardless of that I was far from disappointed. It had been some time since having last seen the show, but I still felt a bit giddy as the band started into the show’s theme song, Deththeme. There wasn’t any direct interaction from band to crowd during the duration I was there (as I was not able to stay the entire set much to my dismay), but this was because they used a character from the show, Facebones to address the crowd and few could have asked for anything more than that. It was perfect for the unconventionality of seeing Dethklok live. Many fans could easily recall the episodes the scenes playing on the screens were from. Overall, Dethklok put on an incredible show. There is always an uncertainty if music will sound like the album it is from, and even less if music will sound like the animated show it is from and they certainly sounded perfect and from the crowd’s reaction, there was not anyone who seemed to disagree with that.