Green Jelly Frontman ” Mac Sabbath Ripped Me Off, I Came up with that Bit Years Ago” Read Full Story Here

“YOU ARE GOING TO LET ME JOIN GREEN JELLO IN 2008 AND THEN I WONT HELP PAY FOR A 1000 DOLLAR A DAY TOUR BUS FOR 2 YEARS AND THEN 7 YEARS LATER I AM GOING TO STEAL YOUR SONG IDEA TO SELL THE LEFT OVER SHIRTS WE PRINTED UP AND TURN IT INTO A LAME KAROKE BAND CALLED MAC SABBATH” greenjellovision assclown: when the alcoholic junkie hipster guy you fire from your band in 2010 for cheating on his newly wed wife with the merch girl steals your idea and claims it as his own and buys fancy pants custom made costumes paid by his parents…please share