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Video Premiere: DEAD ORIGINAL – Bought And Sold

Sofa King Cool and DEAD ORIGINAL have  teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Bought And Sold” 

DEAD ORIGINAL  is a new heavy rock/grunge infused trio from Chicago, IL started by frontman Paul Wandtke who got his start in the music industry drumming for famous acts such as Trivium, Rock of Ages and even the alt/goth rockers Kill Hannah. The line up is rounded out with drummer Sean McCole and bassist Mike Petrasik (Bedlem). Their motto and creed and the hashtags that they use online are “Make America Grunge Again”, “Make Grunge Great Again”  and even ‘Grunge is Back” and although these are all hilarious and bold statements, they are literally just stating that they are a “less is more” rock band; what you hear is what you get, especially at shows. 🙂
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Sofa King Cool was able to catch up with Paul Wandtke and discuss the new single

What is The story behind the song?

Lyrically, I wrote this song with the intention and philosophy that it’s really up to you as an individual to make a change for the better in your life as you can’t just wait around for things to happen and change. You could also compare the lyrics to what’s happening politically in America but hey that’s a little too deep and totally up to the listener to determine. 


Does the song have personal meaning to you or was it something you wanted to get across to your fans?
We are a new band so saying that we wrote this song for our fans would be a “bold” statement haha.

What was the writing process on this track?
I just wrote the chorus on accident on an acoustic guitar and then went from there. I would say I’m more of a mood writer and a vibe writer because I feel the emotional motif/riff is more important than lyrics. A melody and riff come first then the lyrics. Once the lyrics are written, I then reassess how the music can enhance them… ironically they work together and then I track the drums, and boom the song starts becoming something of its’ own.What was the vibe you were going for on this track? 

Big and moody via a strong groove w/ a strong and positive message about empowering yourself for the better by not waiting around for things to change.

How do you describe your music to people who never heard it before? 

We sometimes tell people we are a grunge band just to get people’s attention and all but we mean by that is, we are more emotionally driven with our music. The vibe and message of the music are more important than chops. There are so many killer metal bands out there just going nuts playing a billion notes as well as many butt-rock bands that write very cheesy stuff. We here at Dead Original are kinda like less is more grungy vibes/riffs, big grooves!  

Has the Pandemic impacted your music and songwriting? 
We feel we are living in scary times but do feel we and everyone in this world will come out stronger from it.
Although most of our shows got canceled we are enjoying this downtime to reassess our personal lives, performance skills, and music production skills. Our first album was engineered for us and we feel that the more we can save on studio costs the better.
Check Out The New Video Below and purchase the song Here
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