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Interview with Nonpoint Frontman Elias Soriano

Sofa King Cool caught up with Elias from Nonpoint and we discussed their tribute for the frontline workers “Remember Me” and how they came up with the concept for the video. We talked about the pandemic and the numbers spiking, the future of touring, The Black Lives Matter Movement, and Elias shared a personally story that recently happened to him involving racism, the police and his young daughter. It truly was eye opening and hopefully his words influence more people, we then talk about upcoming music, social media campaigns, merch and what is next for the band

NONPOINT premiered their impassioned frontlines tribute video for “Remember Me.” The band is currently in the studio and will be releasing new music this fall.

“This Frontlines tribute aptly named “Remember Me” edited by artist and creator Francesca Ludikar is 233 essential workers made up of nurses, doctors, EMT’s, first responders, local and federal law enforcement, firefighters, military, postal, shipping, grocery, essential store workers, fans and their children who took part in what will go down in Nonpoint history as our biggest thank you for the sometimes thankless sacrifice you all make for us. This is our sincerest appreciation for everyone in the fight with us against the pandemic. We couldn’t do this without you. We will always remember you” says the band.

Commitment to forward motion ensures longevity. After 20-plus years, ten full-length releases, countless sold out shows, and over one million albums sold worldwide, Nonpoint endure through sustaining an unbreakable bond among themselves and to a diehard fan base all over the globe.

Nonpoint is:
Elias Soriano (Lead Vocals)
Robb Rivera (Drums)
Rasheed Thomas (Guitar /Backing Vocals)
Adam Woloszyn (Bass)
Jason Zeilstra (Lead Guitar)