Styx Frontman Takes Nasty Fall on Stage Gets 12 Stitches

Styx Frontman took a nasty fall and received 12 stitches


Styx Drummer posted the following to Social Media

My man, Lawrence Gowan took a serious face plant into the drum rack last night. But like the absolute Rock God that he is— plowed through several songs to finish the complete set list. What an iron man! Well, 12 stitches later and we’ll be ready to do it again on the 27th in Burlington, Ontario. I know he’ll make a full recovery, even if he did call me “Jim.” (kidding)

Lawrence commented himself

“It was a bloody good show…” would be a punny headline for last night’s adventure in St. Eustache, Quebec. The antics and adrenaline got ramped up a little too high and a jump that I’ve performed thousands of times didn’t quite go as planned resulting in my plowing headfirst into the drumkit. Thanks to a raucous and forgiving audience the show went on and all was well in the land once more. Un grand merci à tous pour votre indulgence! Medical outcome: 9 stitches to the forehead, 3 stitches to a second wound further up. Of course huge gratitude to Helga Dathe and the fine doctor- Eric Bilodeau! photos by Claude Dufresne.