8 DEAD & 300 Injured AT Travis Scott ASTROWORLD … Source Claims Someone Was Injecting Victims with Drugs

Travis Scott‘s first night of his Astroworld concert in Houston turned into a horrific tragedy Friday night … leaving 8 people dead and more than 300 injured, and there were signs of trouble even before the concert began.

At least 8 people died in the stampede. 11 people went into cardiac arrest and were rushed to the hospital. More than 300 fans went to the field hospital near the venue.

Someone working the festival tells TMZ … people were hopping on camera platforms, begging concert staff to end the show after the stampede erupted. They said, “Anything climbable was climbed.” They also say there were several thousand pairs of shoes left behind as people fled. When the concert shut down, they said a stage manager said the venue was now “a crime scene.”

The scene was chaotic … medical personnel could not handle all the injured. There is video showing some of them performing CPR.

One concertgoer named Madeline, a nurse, tells TMZ, she was there with her boyfriend when Travis took the stage. During the first song, people started pushing toward the stage and she says she began to feel light-headed, telling us, “I passed out from the constant pressure on my chest and was one of the first people to be carried,” adding, “They threw me on top of other people and crowd surfed me to other people, who lifted me over a fence where security was waiting.” She says “security guards were bringing bodies from that area to the VIP area,” as Travis kept performing, adding, “I see security carrying people who are not moving.” She says once she regained her senses, she began administering first aid to others.

Here’s Kylie’s vantage point from Friday night — she, Kendall and some friends were stationed toward the back of the crowd, somewhat elevated, where they could see sea of people and Travis and co. all the way up at the front.

Speaking of ambulances … here’s a disturbing video. Astroworld fans dancing on top of an ambulance that was working its way through the dense crowd.

It’s not entirely clear if they were transporting somebody or not — you’d figure they’d have sirens going if it was a true emergency — but either way … here are some numbskulls who hopped up onto the roof of the vehicle and danced their ass off.