Watch Gay Men Touch A Vagina For The First Time

A few weeks ago, YouTube channel Bria and Chrissy created a video entitled “Lesbians Touch a Penis for the First Time.” It went crazy viral, amassing over 23 million views and coverage around the world.

On Jan. 17, Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers, the real-life couple behind Bria and Chrissy, turned the tables and assembled four gay men to touch a woman’s vagina for the first time, and the results are rather intriguing.

At this point, you may be feeling some *feelings* about the gender politics of four men touching a woman intimately on camera. Bria and Chrissy knew that there would be concerns about the video and they brought up a good point: No one felt ~so strongly~ when the situation was the other way around.

“People don’t have as much of a problem seeing male genitalia as they do female because society thinks that women should be ladies,” Bria Kam told MTV News in a phone interview.

Bria and Chrissy also mentioned that in their previous video, no one commented on the “honor” of male actor Aleks Malczewski like they did in the now thousands of comments under their most current clip.

For their part, the men are very respectful of the female participant, Stevie, even asking her for permission before they touch her, even though she explicitly gave it to them all already.


Bria and Chrissy / YouTube

One of the participants in particular goes through a learning experience: He, at first, refers to Stevie’s vagina (and all vaginas by proxy) in more than a few unsavory ways. But, after the experience, he calls her vagina “really pretty,” showing he’s grown from the experience of seeing one in real life.

Stevie knew this moment she was sharing with the men was genuine and sincere and talks positively about the experience afterwards.

“When we’re young, adolescents or maybe pre-teens, the whole ’I’ll show you mine, you’ll show me yours’ thing happens,” Stevie says in the video. “And obviously, for them, that never happened.”

“We wanted the guys to be very honest in their responses, and I think that they were,” Chrissy Chambers said. “We wanted it to be an honest reflection of what they were going through and what they were feeling.”

“Stevie came in and said, ’Look, I want these guys to have this experience,’” Kam shared. “’This is a beautiful moment to share with these men.’” And by the hugs and thank yous at the end, it definitely was. ?

Watch the full video (which is totally SFW, unless your boss isn’t into black boxes over pelvic regions) below.

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