I know you’re dying inside to know what MALLRATS 2/MALLBRATS is about. How can Kevin Smith go back to that well within the View Askewniverse after all these years? What would make sense? What type of middle-aged people hang out at the mall these days? Isn’t this all a little sad?

Kevin Smith revealed some details at New York Comic-Con as he took the stage to promote COMIC BOOK MEN and its coming fifth season.

Brodie will once again be at the heart of the story, this time dealing in some sort of “Save the Clock Tower” moment in order to save a mall. His plan is to organize a comic convention that would help raise the money to keep the dying breed alive for a little longer. The problem is that he didn’t account for the terrorists who are going to burst in, interrupting the proceedings and forcing Brodie to kick some ass and ultimately save the day.

Please tell me this is a joke. Please tell me Kevin Smith is not once again trolling us all. Please tell me that this is not a movie that is happening.

Smith’s films continue to get wilder and stranger the deeper into his career he gets, and that isn’t necessarily a good thing. There was once a point where I was a big Kevin Smith fan and defender, and I looked forward to what he had to say next. Those days are long gone, and this plan for MALLRATS 2, if legit, may be a sign they’re never coming back.