Watch Some Of The Best Onstage Rock Star Meltdowns, Fights and Fuck Ups In This Compilation Of Videos

Everyone has a bad day at work, and wants to lost it on co-workers, customers or whom ever may have pissed you off, and that is still the case if you are a Musician. Watch some of  the best on Stage Melt Downs Ever Caught On Film

Michael Jackon gets mad at Slash

Watch Michael Jackson lose his shit when Slash will not stop playing Guitar

Paul Stanley gets mad at a guy with a laser

Paul goes crazy over a fan with a laser pointer at a Kiss show, he even challenges him to a fight


Nikki Sixx Goes Apeshit

Nikki Sixx loses it on a security guard and calls him a nigger then encourages crowd to kick his ass

Motley Crue’s , Nikki Sixx kicks Moron for jumping on stage and knocking over Mick Marrs.

Vince Neil Punches Fan During Show

Motley Crue front man Vince Neil took a swing at a fan during a show and completely misses.

Metallica – Lars fucks up drumming and James spits on him

Axl Rose Attacks A Picture-Taking Fan


Amy Winhouse’s Onstage Meltdown

Axl Rose Gets Rocks Thrown At Him And Stops The Show

During You Could Be Mine Axl gets rocks thrown at him by some fans and decides to stop the show, giving a speech through his interpreter. It happened in 1992, Argentina.

Slipknot Takes on Limp Bizkit


Fan tries to tackle slash

Nikki Sixx gets pissed off when fan throws glass bottle at him

Anthony Kiedis fight with Bodyguard

Chili Peppers Singer — Brawl with Bodyguard Outside Four Seasons

Phil Anselmo fights security guard

Stone Temple Pilots – Scott Weiland gets pissed

A fan throws a beer at the band from the crowd as Scott Weiland is starting Sex Type Thing and Scott starts a rant as Dean goes into the crowd to kick the guys ass…the good stuff starts about 51 seconds in.

Lamb of God members and crew get drunk and start arguing then as a fist-fight between vocalist Randy Blythe and guitarist Mark Morton broke out.


The Brian Jonestown Massacre vs Each Other ..

Fall Out Boy Fight

Pete and Charlie fight a security guard

Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters) – pissed because of a “fan” fight.

Papa Roach gets dissed by Thrillhouse fan!

Fan gets into with Papa Roach

Megadeth Dave Mustaine Pissed Off

Dave loses it on a fan throwing shit at him

Aaron Lewis calling a fan out for throwing mud

AC/DC – “Fan” throws a beer at Angus Young

Angus slaps him in the face

Marilyn Manson vs a fan who threw a bottle

Manson has crowd beat the shit out him

Jason Newsted get hit by a bottle 96

Iggy Pop and Irate Fan

Iggy Pop gets into a spat with a fan at a 1981 Toronto Show. The guy tells him to “fuck Bowie.” Hilarious! Iggy spits in the guy’s face.

Green Day Billie Joe freaks out at the I Heart Radio Music Festival and smashes guitar

IRON MAIDEN – Bruce Dickinson Stops Show! Hey Fat Boy!

Lamb Of God- nice throw faggot!!

a fan throws a bottle at randy onstage… watch his reation

Everclear frontman hit with a bottle

Corey Taylor loses it on fan

KoRn – Shoots & Ladders – Jonathan Davis Gets Pissed & Yells at Fighting Fans

Marilyn Manson kicks John 5

John 5 tries to fight him on stage

Nine Inch Nails trent gets pissed at fan stomps off stage


Marilyn Manson loses it on drummer throws drinks at him

Marilyn Manson hits fan with bottle


Marilyn Manson Punches Stage light

Slipknot, Sid Punches Fans!

Ivan Moody stops mid song at Rock On The Range 2014 to offer a fair warning to the fellas

Five Finger Death Punch- *Ivan Refuses Order to Leave Stage*

Rob Zombie Goes Off About Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson threatens Rob Zombie

Billie Joe Armstrong Hit in the Nuts by a Shoe on Stage

Alice in Chains : Layne Attacks ‘Nazi’ Supporter

Chris Cornell pissed about the Sonics leaving Seattle

Eddie Vedder tells a fan to go watch the show from somewhere else

Nirvana fighting drunk guy

Skid Row – Piece of Me (live 1989) Bottle Incident

Aaron Lewis pushes drunk fan on stage

Axl Rose Gets Pissed at a Guy Wearing a Slash Shirt

Axl Rose fights at LAX

Brian Jonestown Massacre – Fight EACH OTHER on stage

Fred Durst gets mad about attempted depantsing

Guy throws shoe at Les Claypool



Doyle throws some kid off stage

Anthrax Concert  – Security Guard tackles fan in to Joey Belladonna

Three Days Grace – Adam Fights With Himself

Nine Inch Nails Trent doesn’t like people with laser pointers

Flea goes off on bass tech

Tool’s Maynard chokes out fan keeps singing

Glenn Danzig fights a guy @ Misfits show

Eddie Van Halen throws speaker at sound man

Kiss-Paul Gets Pissed At Guy Operating Spotlight

Motorhead Lemmy gets a bottle thrown at him!!


Ne-Yo Lets The Tears Flow

Kurt Cobain Gets Weird With The Cameras

Fiona Apple Calls The World Bullshit

Badly Drawn Boy Calls Loudmouthed Fans “Twats”

David Lee Roth gets pissed at the venue’s crew for making the stage too cold for him by turning the AC blowers on and stops Hot for Teacher’s intro to blow off some steam. Waaaah. Grab a sweater vest.


Courtney Love gets pissed at a fan wearing a Kurt Cobain t-shirt at one concert, then cusses out a “fat goth” at a Hole concert iN 1995 before spewing off about Kurt Cobain, Nine Inch Nails, and Foo Fighters. And scene.Kurt Cobain T-Shirt Meltdown:

‘Fat Goth’ Freakout:

Danzig getting knocked out