Video Premiere: Fire Follows – “Home”

Sofa King Cool and Fire Follows  have teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Home”
Home is a heavy melodic rock anthem that utilizes our rap/rock style, with big orchestral elements. The lyrics as well as the music are intended to take the listener through a bit of a journey, and help them feel the power of the lyrical message. “Chris Watt”
Sofa King Cool caught up with Fire Follows to discuss the new single Home

Tell us about this latest single “Home” what made you come up with the idea for the song? It’s a song that has been evolving for years, and just on this latest single release did we finally resolve on a final edit.
Does the song have any personal meaning to you or was it something in an observation you wanted to get across to your fans?  They’re all a little personal for sure. It’s a song about coming back to a place of peace and security… the hook is “will you bring me home”, with the idea being that you’ve either strayed or run from the place you should have been all along.
Will the singles you’ve been releasing be on an EP or album sometime this year or next? Probably not. It seems like just releasing them as single clusters is the way to go right now.
Describe the writing process you use. It is literally different every time, but it all starts with a simple piano or acoustic hook, and then the rest of the instrumentation is built on that foundation.
With touring, and festivals returning, how do you think Aseity will approach it? Do you feel there might be some changes in how you perform live for yourselves moving forward? We are just now gearing up for the touring thing… so I’ll keep you posted.
How soon do you think the band will be able to get back into performing on stage and possibly festivals and touring? Any dates yet? The goal is definitely 2021, so hopefully late summer/early fall would be ideal.
How would you describe your music to people who never heard it before? It’s definitely hard rock/nu metal, but it’s very melodic, and for the most part originates as stripped piano pieces, so it has a very unique and dynamic sound in that sense.

Make no mistake; the Colorado based Fire Follows is here on business. Founded, crafted, and led by vocalist, musician, producer, and writer Chris Watt, the band delivers a melodic, yet heavy rock sound that is defined by anthemic choruses, beautiful piano interludes, and the perfect blend of rap/scream/sing vocals. In an effort to build a dynamic band that is capable of touring in 2021, Chris brought in seasoned musicians Tim Yunker (sing/rap), Emily Gould (drums), and his brother Tyler Watt (harmony/scream).  Their influence can be immediately felt on the newest “Glass Grenade” release single releases, showcasing Tim’s gospel/soul inspired vocal stylings, Emily’s dynamic and precise drumming techniques, and Tyler’s rich harmony/backing vocals. Fire Follows gained tremendous industry attention with the “If It’s War You Want” EP release in 2019, and expects that trend to continue with the 5 song “Glass Grenade” released in 2020. The songs demonstrate Chris’s ever-evolving writing style, and with a radio-ready production quality, are sure to cut through the industry noise. The sophomore release utilizes more scream vocals than its predecessor, and the addition of Tim, Emily, and Tyler has taken the overall sound to a whole new level. The hooky choruses are sure to produce multiple hits and will be enjoyed by fans from pop, classical, and country genres, in addition to traditional hard-rock/metal fans. The group is already writing for the next album, and actively rehearsing in preparation of touring once the industry gets back on the rails. Want to learn more about the band and its members? Head over to the YouTube channel where you can watch Podcast style dialogues between  Chris, Tim, Emily, and Tyler in studio.
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Video Production by Jason Leeper at Kreation Films
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