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Through 2019, the genre-defying rock band will be celebrating their 20th anniversary with a year-long worldwide tour and 21-song career-spanning compilation (featuring two new songs).

The new album, titled Twenty, was released January 11, 2019 from Craft Recordings (available in CD, 2-LP, and digital formats). The 21-song collection includes nineteen catalog tracks from all seven of their full-length albums, plus two new studio recordings, titled “All Ready To Go” and “A Song For Dan,” which hint at the direction that Taking Back Sunday are heading in the coming years.

Twenty is a celebration not only of those career-defining moments but of the landmark albums that chronicle the band’s story: 2002’s Tell All Your Friends, 2004’s Where You Want To Be, 2006’s Louder Now, 2009’s New Again, 2011’s Taking Back Sunday, 2014’s Happiness Is and 2016’s Tidal Wave, all of which are represented on this collection. Whether your introduction to the band was singing along to “A Decade Under The Influence” in a sweaty club or hearing “MakeDamnSure” or “Sink Into Me” on the radio, Twenty is a look back at some of the highlights from this unlikely group of musical misfits.

For 2019, the internationally celebrated mainstream rock band from Long Island will be embarking on a year-long worldwide tour, paying tribute to their catalog – and their fans – with full album performances. Before the end of the year the tour will have visited Australia, Asia, Latin America, the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. The first leg of the North American tour kicks off March 25th and the second leg kicks off September 13th. For tickets and VIP packages, visit:

At all shows, Taking Back Sunday will be performing their debut album Tell All Your Friends in its entirety. For tour stops where the band are performing over two-nights, each nightly set will offer a double-album play – using a specially designed coin, Taking Back Sunday will flip to play either Where You Want To Be or Louder Now, in addition to Tell All Your Friends. In headline cities where they are playing only one night, they will perform Tell All Your Friends, plus a selection of fan favorites from their extensive catalog. 

Coinciding with the second leg of their North American tour is the upcoming remastered vinyl reissue of the band’s genre-defining 2002 debut, Tell All Your Friends. The LP was released October 4th as a wide release, while a special edition—pressed on iridescent color-morphing green vinyl and limited to 1,000 copies—will be for sale exclusively via the band’s website and on tour. Click here for more info on the reissue.

From the band’s landmark 2002 debut Tell All Your Friends to their most recent full-length, 2016’s Tidal Wave, Taking Back Sunday – vocalist Adam Lazzara, guitarist John Nolan, drummer Mark O’Connell and bassist Shaun Cooper – have evolved from a key player in the early 2000s emo scene to a genre-defying rock band who have earned three gold albums, four Top 10 albums, ten Top 10 singles on the Billboard charts, and who just recently became the youngest inductees into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.

Quotes from the band:

“It feels strange to say out loud…2019 marks 20 years since I joined Taking Back Sunday and my life changed forever,” remarks singer Adam Lazzara. “So, next year we will be traveling the world to celebrate the amazing brotherhood, music and life we have created together over the past 20 years. We hope you can join us for what is sure to be an experience to remember.”

On the process of recording the single “All Ready To Go,” singer Adam Lazzara reflects, “This song is a great example of how in tune we have become with one another, our collective musical instincts. It was an idea Mark and Shaun laid the bones down for in New York and then sent them down to Charlotte, where John and I continued to arrange and add our individual contributions. This made for a great demo and a fair amount of time for everyone to sit with it before we all were able to get in the studio together and hash out the different parts and details with one another. It sounds like a lot when I say it like that, but the process itself was a cohesive and relatively quick one. Having the space to live and breathe with the idea before all coming together to shape it, and knowing where we can lean on one another as the song progresses is both insightful and exciting to all of us. It’s one of my favorite parts of being in Taking Back Sunday.”