Rick Springfield Gets Emotional During Butt Trial Questioning

Rick Springfield became emotional in court Tuesday, yelling and crying while on the witness stand for the retrial of an injury lawsuit against him.

“I get emotional sometimes,” Springfield said, as reports.


The lawsuit dates back to a 2004 incident when the 1980s pop star and actor was performing at the New York State Fair and allegedly struck a woman named Vicki Calcagno with his buttocks. Calcagno, then 34, claims that butt bump knocked her unconscious and led to permanent injury.

While Springfield was on the stand, being questioned by Calcagno’s lawyer Kenneth Goldblatt, the musician accused Goldblatt of being “very aggressive.” He later raised his voice and voice and pointed at Goldblatt, saying he felt that he was being called a liar, the website reports.


Later, Springfield held back tears and was given a tissue when his own lawyer, John Pfiefer, asked him about going into the audience to be closer to his fans.

Springfield was not only only on the defense during the 90 minutes of questioning. At one point Goldblatt asked if he was a heartthrob, to which Springfield agreed with a smile.

The “Jessie’s Girl” singer was also asked if he’s ever been grabbed by female fans, responding that it’s common at his concerts for women to “grab my butt if they’re feeling a little saucy.”

This case is a retrial of a 2007 lawsuit filed by Calcagno.