Misfit’s Dr Chud Attacks Cancerslug Singer Alex Story Allegedly Posting False Documents

The Misfit’s Dr Chud has posted some Allegedly forged documents portraying Cancerslug/Doyle singer as a Snitch and a racist. Alex went to social media to deny all claims made by Chud.


Alex posted the following

So some Coward
Anonymously posting poorly photoshopped
Fake conversations and documents.
Attempting to make me look like a narc or racist or whatever horrible bullshit this is.

Trying to get me “canceled” I guess

First let me say. This sickens me to my core. Absolutely Disgusting.

And I would just ignore it.
But I’m not going to.
Because this goes beyond simple slander or trying to damage my name.
This goes against every single thing I stand for as a human being.

Literally Every single person who even remotely knows me, knows that I don’t stand for racist language even under extreme anger.

I assume you got angry because of the song on my new album called “Fuk12” Wich uses the classic outlaw biker slogan “the only good cop is a dead cop” as a defiant cry to rally against the unprecedented level of police brutality that has been on display lately. Especially towards people of color and allies. and so this is how you attack me.

You pick some random drug bust in the news, falsify my name on a fake document.
And try to say im a “snitch”

But as clever as you thought this was. You didn’t even notice that the dates you chose that I supposedly did this all, I was clearly documented on tour in Europe.

Not to mention that i haven’t been arrested or even in town for the better part of the last couple of years, as I was in Portugal where my girl lives when I got off tour.

I’ve been a very vocal drug supporter. And push for the legalization of drugs.
I’ve always been very vocal in my thoughts against law enforcement and their abuse of power.

And As most of my friends and fam are people of color. Most of the people in my life who mean more to me than my own life. I do not use racist language. And every single person who has EVER known me knows this!

This is not only a pathetic attempt to defame me. I don’t think you understand what you really did. To call me an informant is to basically try to get me killed, I see it no different than if you had pulled a gun on me.

You low cowards.

David Calabrese (aka Dr Chud) is spreading these slanderous lies. With his law enforcement family, he probably made it.

You Scumbag Racist