Interview with The Million Reasons

Sofa King Cool caught up with The Million Reasons. and discussed the new album Haven and how they signed to Pavement Entertainment

Chicago’s The Million Reasons is a rock quintet of great friends that embodies the energy and enthusiasm of hitting the open road, rolling down the windows, and cranking up the volume.Founded in 2016, The Million Reasons is dedicated to two main objectives: having a damn good time and keeping rock n’ roll alive and well. The band released their first single “Dizzy” in July 2018, which was a momentous rock track that demonstrated the versatility of their vision. “Battle of Sound” (2018) and “Secrets” (2019) followed “Dizzy.” After some line-up changes, The Million reasons proceeded to record their first EP, If Not for the Fire (2021). This EP caught the attention of Pavement Entertainment and led to the band recording their debut album, Haven. Look for Haven everywhere on April 15, 2022.