The Walking Dead Season Finale Death Scene Will Be Shot Through The Victim’s Eyes Leaving A Cliff Hanger On Who Was Killed

There are two episodes of “The Walking Dead” Season 6 left. But this post will focus on the much anticipated finale on April 3, perhaps the most buzzed about season finale of any show in recent memory.

Before we get started, those of you who have been avoiding any and all info on how the season might end should step away now.

[Massive SPOILERS ahead]

As many fans already know, Negan (played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan), is set to make his debut during the finale. The popular villain is well known for his ruthless nature in Robert Kirkman’s comic book and a pivotal moment that involves him killing a major character.

That character happens to be Glenn in the comic. However, “The Walking Dead” showrunners have suggested they may switch things up by substituting in another character, something they’ve done in the past.


The entire second half of Season 6 has been consumed by speculation as to who that character will be. It appears we now know how the season ends (Here’s your last chance to turn away)…

The ever-reliable Spoiling Dead Fans Facebook page has gotten their hands on a potential spoiler. And you won’t like it.

No it’s not proof that a beloved character like Glenn, Carol or Daryl will die. It’s far worse. It’s a painful cliffhanger.

According to The Spoiling Dead, the Season 6 finale will be shot from the victim’s perspective as Negan bashes his or her head in. It looks like we won’t know who that character is until the Season 7 premiere in mid-October.

If that sounds like a cop out, it totally is. Assuming it’s true, the team behind “The Walking Dead” is planning to torture us for seven months. And while it enrages me just as much as anyone else, I can’t say I blame them.

With the Season 6 finale, the show has on its hands one of, if not the biggest moment in its history. Why not milk it for all its worth?

The Spoiling Dead’s full description of the finale (some of which has yet to be confirmed) sounds thrilling. So I won’t spoil any of that here. I can say we’ll be on the edge of our seats. But we didn’t necessarily want to stay there for several months.

Here’s hoping the payoff is worth it. Regardless, “The Walking Dead” appears willing to annoy fans a little (or a lot) in order to build anticipation. When you have the hottest cable show in television history, you can certainly afford to do that.