SLIPKNOT’s COREY TAYLOR Would Still Love To Collaborate With EMINEM

Therés Stephansdotter Björk of conducted an interview with SLIPKNOT and STONE SOUR frontman Corey Taylor on January 20 when SLIPKNOT played in Gothenburg, Sweden. You can now watch the chat below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On whether he has a clear idea which band he is writing for when he is creating new music:

Corey: “Oh, absolutely. There are a lot of times where I’ll be writing something, and a lot of people assume that it’s for one, but it’ll be for the other. For me, it’s always very clear; when I’m writing something, I know what it’s for. And there’s even stuff that I’ve written that doesn’t go with either band, to be honest. But, you know, after this much time and knowing the people in the band and what they can contribute or take and just make better, you just get a sense of, structurally, musically, what’s going to improve with either band. So for me, it’s still an adventure writing, because the stuff that you come up with, you know is gonna be different when it becomes the final thing. But with both bands, they’re so different and diverse, you never know what to expect when it comes to that. So, yeah, I always have a really, really good grasp of what goes where.”

On whether he is saving the musical ideas that don’t fit either SLIPKNOT or STONE SOUR:

Corey: “Yeah. Well, I’m not really sure. I’ve been getting questions about solo stuff forever. But, you know, it’s a good problem to have. But, at the same time, I’m in two fantastic bands. Why would I ever…? Unless I wanted to get super greedy, why would I try to split off and do something else. I’m very fulfilled by the music that I get to make with both bands. Is there a solo album in me? Yes. But it’s not gonna be for, like, a few more years.”

On his collaborations with other bands and musicians:

Corey: “I’ve a couple of that I’m gonna be a part of right now, and I won’t say any names, but it’s even more diverse than the stuff that I’ve done before. And that’s what attracts me musically and artistically — doing stuff that you wouldn’t normally hear with both bands. That’s what it’s all about — really trying to do stuff… I mean, from stuff like [Finnish cello rock band] APOCALYPTICA to [rapper] Tech N9ne. It’s so different, but it’s still something that I react to, and that’s what I tend to go with. ‘Cause trust me, I turn down a lot of stuff, man. I only take the stuff that I’m really, really interested in.”

On whether there is anyone left on his list of people that he would like to work with:

Corey: “Yeah. I mean, there’s a lot of people. Everybody from Trent Reznor [NINE INCH NAILS] — I would love to work with Trent — to… I was just thinking about this the other day… I would love to do something with [rapper] Eminem. I would love to trade some stuff back and forth with him, because I love the way he writes and the way he flows and the attitude; you know, the emotion that’s in it. And I’m very, very attracted to that. And I would love to do something where we kind of go back and forth. Will it ever happen? Probably not. But, you know, it’s still a dream. I never thought I’d get to work with Dave Grohl [NIRVANA, FOO FIGHTERS], so you just never know.”

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