Entire Band Quits PUDDLE OF MUDD During Vocalist’s On Stage Meltdown


Puddle of Mudd vocalist Wesley Scantlin is seemingly the only remaining member of the band after everyone got up and walked off stage in protest of his embarrassing drunken behavior.

Scantlin was on stage ranting about how someone stole his house and his money — and as usual, the frontman was clearly intoxicated. Puddle of Mudd performances have been marred by interruption from the often drunk vocalist.

The embarrassing moment was captured on tape during the band’s set in Doncaster, England.

As many of you know, Puddle of Mudd vocalist Wesley Scantlin has been on a collision course with tragedy for quite some time. A quick YouTube search of “Puddle of Mudd meltdown” returns a sad amount of results.

Many have called on the rest of Puddle of Mudd to withdraw from performances until Scantlin can get sober, something that hasn’t occurred up to this point. It remains to be seen if the group will reconcile or force Scantlin to get the help he desperately needs.