The Tragically Hip forget lyrics on SNL performance Watch the video here

SNL traditionally showcases established artists or artists with a big hit in US and The Hip were none of those. Just coming off the Fully Completely album, The Hip were at the height of their popularity in Canada but couldn’t get a break in the US.

Until….Canadian Dan Ackaroyd, an original cast member, used his influence to get The Tragically Hip a plum spot on the show AND a chance to introduce the band himself: Ladies & Gentlemen, from Kingston, Ontario, Canada, home of Kirk Muller, Walter Frank High and ME – it is my honour to introduce to America my friends The Tragically Hip.

Before you watch the very rare video below of Dan & The Hip, you should keep in mind that singer Gord Downie was preoccupied with following through with a promise to his eleven year old nephew – to give him a signal when the band played on TV. As the song begins, he holds up his two index fingers to form an “11”. With all this going through his head and his heart pounding through his chest, Downie forgot the first line of the of the song. Instead of “I’m fabulously rich”… out came “I’m Tragically Hip” instead.