Soundgarden Fans — Here’s a Creepy Video You Haven’t Seen Since 1994 (Or Ever)

Soundgarden fans have been treated to a bounty of rarities over the past year via the Echo of Miles box set and the deluxe 20th anniversary reissue ofSuperunknown. The band dug even deeper and shared a rare video yesterday that the outside world hadn’t seen since 1994.


It’s a video for an instrumental track “Night Surf,” which was shown before the Seattle band’s live shows on the 1994 Superunknown tour. Check it out below, and get ready for some goosebumps:

“Night Surf” is an instrumental piece written, performed, and recorded by Ben Shepherd, and used as the soundtrack companion for a film short directed by Henry Shepherd,” the band wrote on its website. The song was included in the aforementioned rarities comp, Echo Of Miles: Scattered Tracks Across the Path.