The fourth season of The Walking Dead‘s companion series Fear the Walking Dead shook things up in a major way, jumping ahead a couple years after the events of season 3 and basically morphing into a spin-off for The Walking Dead character Morgan (Lennie James). I wasn’t overly pleased with what new showrunners Andrew Chambliss and Ian Goldberg did with the show, especially the decision to kill off two major characters when only one of the actors had said they wanted off the show… But one big season 4 misstep is going to be rectified to some degree in season 5, as Ruben Blades has confirmed that we will see his character Daniel Salazar in the next season. Daniel is one of the best characters on Fear the Walking Dead, if not the best, and yet he was completely left out of season 4.

Blades confirmed his return to Fear in an interview with Día a Día, a news outlet based in Panama.

The folks over at have also heard that season 5 will feature a very unexpected returning character: Troy Otto, who was played by Daniel Sharman in season 3. Troy didn’t make it out of that season alive, so it’s not clear how Sharman will be reprising the role in season 5. The most likely scenario would seem to be that Troy will be making a cameo on one of the interview tapes compiled by documentarian character Althea (Maggie Grace).


Fear the Walking Dead season 5 will begin airing sometime in 2019, but before we get there AMC has to air the second half of The Walking Dead season 9. The Walking Dead returns to the air on February 10th.