Now it can be told! Just in time for Halloween, you are cordially invited to a groundbreaking horror event: FIFTEEN, a terrifying interactive tale streaming live on Periscope tonight!

The brainchild of SCAREHO– USE director Gavin Booth and Blumhouse director of development Ryan Turek, FIFTEEN will enable viewers to interact with the terrifying and twisted events as they play out in real time… and possibly alter the outcome of the story.

To join in the carnage,  visit Periscope.TV/Blumhouse and follow us, then be sure to tune in to our live feed tonight at 7 pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern!

Social media technology marches on quicker than I can keep up with, but some genre filmmakers are doing a much better job at keeping pace with it than I am. I’ve never used Snapchat, but Eli Roth told a murder mystery story using it.

I’ve never used Periscope, either, but tonight Blumhouse Productions will be using the Twitter-associated streaming video app to put on a live horror experience called FIFTEEN.

Shrouded in secrecy, FIFTEEN is masterminded by Gavin Michael Booth, writer/director of THE SCAREHO– USE (pictured), and Blumhouse’s director of development Ryan Turek, a well-known figure in the online horror community.

Twitter’s head of movie partnerships Rachel Dodes gave the following quote about the project:

“Periscope gives anyone the ability to share a moment as it’s happening, and Blumhouse is innovating by giving their audience a new way to experience a film as an interactive, live performance, accessible to anyone in the world.”

The FIFTEEN event begins on Periscope tonight at 10pm EST.