Video Premiere: Gabriel and the Apocalypse “Bleed Me An Ocean” (Acoustic Mix)

Sofa King Cool and Gabriel and the Apocalypse have  teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Bleed Me An Ocean” (Acoustic Mix)

We wanted to make a stripped-down version of this song and show a little bit more of our flexibility as a band. Bleed Me An Ocean serves perfectly to translate into an acoustic version of the song. – Jake LaCore

Hailing from the colorful, culture-rich streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota comes the unique sound of industrial rock outfit, Gabriel and the Apocalypse. The band delivers a chaotic, head-turning performance that drips with excess aggression, sex, and the female ferocity of frontwoman, Lindy Gabriel. Years ago, Lindy breathed life into this creature-of-a-project. With a few heavy-
hitting albums, national tours, and a solid new lineup, it has since developed into a fully-fledged, national performing force that carries the old Industrial torch into the new generation.

Sofa King Cool was able to catch up with Gabriel and the Apocalypse and discuss the new single

What is the story behind the song?  
I took myself back to a place in time, to grab from a past situation to become raw. I use “Bleed me an Ocean” as a metaphor for if you want to say something to someone don’t be afraid to simply say what you feel because you just don’t know if you’ll ever get that chance to do so. You might not ever see that person again or maybe the world will end. In a way the lyrics are me saying what I feel no matter how vulnerable, no matter the risk, just to be upfront and honest. -Lindy Gabriel
Does the song have personal meaning to you or was it something you wanted to get across to your fans? I would say all of our songs have personal meaning to me. Especially Bleed me an Ocean. Not only is it the most vulnerable and emotional song on Alpha Bionic but it’s also a song I wrote with our producer. I had the lyrics and melody written and he wrote the music around that. So it holds a special place for me. -Lindy Gabriel
What was the writing process on this track?  
The song was actually written by Lindy and our producer Wally J who put together a structure for the song.  Then the band came in after to put final touches on the original studio version.  This version is remixed with acoustic guitars and much of the synth work taken out. – Jake LaCore
What was the vibe you were going for on this track?  
A raw stripped-down acoustic ballad. – Jake LaCore
How do you describe your music to people who never heard it before?  Hard Rock/Industrial – Jake LaCore and Lindy Gabriel
Has the Pandemic impacted your music and songwriting? 
We luckily got a tour squeezed in this year and ended right when things were starting to happen, and we all focused on different things for a bit and are now getting back into the writing process again.  There is no doubt that everyone has been impacted on so many levels of our lives.  I believe that it will have an impact on what comes out the other side. – Jake LaCore 
Check Out The New Video Below and purchase the song Here
Gabriel and the Apocalypse – Bleed Me An Ocean (Acoustic Mix) – (Official Visualizer) Video by John Wheeler – Reverend John Media




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The band has spent the last few years cutting their teeth out on the road, getting the spins from doing figure-8s across the US interstate system with bands like Wednesday 13, American Head Charge, Flaw, Mushroomhead, and Lords of Acid. Within this circuit, they have become known for their intense energy on-stage as well as their dedicated professionalism with fans, venue staff, and tour mates. Gabriel and the Apocalypse are born road-dogs and live for the chance to throw down a little Jagër with fans and dance their combat boots off.
Off the stage, GATA is known for the extraordinary production of their music videos and digital media. Praised as “visually stunning,” the band boasts number of high-quality music videos for hits like “Thrill of the Kill,” “Behind the Sun,” “Electro Mechanical,” and their powerful rendition of the 1987 Midnight Oil No.1 single, “Beds are Burning.” With excellent replay value, videos ooze with visual stimulus that exhibits a different facet of the band’s unconventional
Hungry and ready, Gabriel and the Apocalypse plots and schemes their next steps. With notable national tours and charted radio hits under their belt, and an insatiable craving for progress, the band scouts the horizon for a heading. With the world put on hold in 2020, fans across the US are eager to see the band’s return and the latest developments of The Apocalypse. It will be a
reckoning, and GATA cannot wait to set sail again in this Musical Orgy on Wheels.