The Walking Dead : Hilltop background is made out of paper check out photo’s. Saving The Budget for Zombies?

Like with any show, you can nitpick errors and plot holes on “The Walking Dead.” There was perhaps even an actual hole when fans spotted Sasha trip in the midseason finale:

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But this new mistake is pretty “tearable.”

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In the latest episode of “The Walking Dead,” there’s a scene where the Hilltop residents gather to tell Rick, Maggie and the other survivors that they’re ready to take on Negan. It’s an inspiring moment. But people couldn’t help but notice one peculiar thing:

Their entire town is made out of paper!

(”Paper Towns” is not just a movie starring Cara Delevingne. It’s also the Hilltop.)

Redditor Abberline1888 pinpointed the scene, which the Redditor claims shows a paper image behind the door of the house. A lot of others seem to agree; the post blew up almost immediately. Some even came up with possible reasons for the Hilltop’s unusual building materials:

Though the production team should have made sure viewers wouldn’t notice the backdrop, Redditor MMaxs had a logical explanation for the fake interior, saying, “Like in most shows, the inside sets are normally done at studios for controlled environments, lighting, cameras etc.”

Not everyone was sold, though.

Redditor 411inthe412 put together a GIF of the scene, showing the group walking through the door. The Redditor says the interior, “Seems legit to me.” Another named Edible_Circumstance argues that the interior is fake, adding, “The paper is set a few feet back from the door, it’s not directly in the doorway.”

So what’s the truth?

The Huffington Post reached out to AMC for comment, but it may be a moot point. Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl Grimes on the show, seemingly confirmed the paper (or simply fake) interior by chiming in, saying, “Glad I wasn’t the only one that noticed.”

Riggs recently did a Reddit AMA from the same username and has been pretty active on the site.

While noticing a paper interior may take some fans out of the moment, Redditor whitesquare jokingly points out that it may just be a callback to the comics, since all those scenes were made out of paper.

© Provided by The Huffington PostNegan just better watch out. Paper cuts are nothing to mess with.