Interview with The Hate Club

Sofa King Cool caught up with The Hate Club and talked about the new video for “MY NAME IS LEGION” how long it took to do the animations, and if it will continue as a series, we talked about the upcoming “last EP” will be the last ep, poems compared to song lyrics, the logo, and what is next for the band

Heavy Metal / Industrial artist THE HATE CLUB premiered their animated video for “MY NAME IS LEGION” on last week.

“This music video was created by 2 psychopath – The Hate Club (artist) and Evan Streb (animator). After 4 months of tireless work, we’re finally ready to release this ambitious music video. And we couldn’t be more proud with the result! Get ready to join the adventure and The Legion on this epic quest” says Alex Poe.

An artist needs room for growth and the ability to live on the edge. Unwilling to be defined by merely one element or another, Alex Poe is a one-man band quenching his creative thirst with The Hate Club.

An Industrial Metal act spawned in 2017 from Poe’s desire to satisfy a diverse vision, The Hate Club is a mix of social satire and aggression. While still taking shape as a musical entity, the journey for Poe began much earlier on with eccentric tastes ranging from Jazz to Rock-n-Roll.
A native of the Ukraine, Poe left the confines of home at only 18 years of age with his eyes set on Los Angeles. Now calling the City of Angels his own, as a self-starter he has already released 3 EPs, several singles, as well as multiple music videos. Very hands on, he has also organized 2 DIY tours in the US, achieved formidable online press placement, and remains active performing on the West Coast.

Yet still this does not tell the whole story of The Hate Club. With The Hate Club’s eyes set on the future, Poe continues to spread his wings as a triple threat: writer, producer, and performer. Often bipolar in approach yet never lacking sincerity or originality, The Hate Club lies somewhere in between Nine Inch Nails, Led Zeppelin, and Gorillaz. Possessing a Punk Rock attitude with a harsher Electronic and Heavy Metal-edged soul, The Hate Club is a reflection of the hypocrisy that is society. Something Poe is fascinated by, look at The Hate Club as the agnostic peddler not dragging you into the fire, but enticing you to observe from afar.

Well-versed in both music and literature, Poe proudly flies the flag of his eclectic background. Factors that only add to the depth of an ever-evolving sound, he exclaims, “I think of music as a painting – it tells a story and has a hidden meaning, an argot. While the song stays one, ways of hearing it are incalculable.”

“I think of music as a painting – it tells a story and has a hidden meaning, an argot. And while the song stays one, ways of hearing it are incalculable” says Alex.

All songs written, recorded, instruments played, produced and engineered by Alex Poe


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