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Sofa King Cool Magazine caught up with Satellite Citi to talk about their new single “Anxious Hearts” and how the song hits close to home with them dealing with fears and anxieties, being a husband and wife band, how that effects writing music and touring, an upcoming comic book and more

Satellite Citi are a Los Angeles based Hard Rock band with front-woman Anna Gevorkian serving as both lead vocalist and drummer. While combining infectiously catchy vocals with thunderous drums, guitarist and backing vocalist, Shaunt Sulahian, provides powerful and distinctive guitar riffs that resurrect the hard rock genre with its originality. The band are joined by anonymous Spacewalkers on guitar, bass and keys for their live show. The distinct sound that Satellite Citi crafts with their unique blend of riff-filled modern rock and melody driven vocals is just as important as their message. The band combines social commentary with a deep appreciation for history and ancestry on their debut album “Fear Tactics“. The record thematically also centers around the importance of mental health and represents the band’s own struggles of coping with fear and anxiety, that are even more permeated in today’s culture.



Satellite Citi

Anna Gevorkian – Vocals & Drums

Shaunt Sulahian – Guitar


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The Los Angeles-based hard rock duo, Satellite Citi, have today released their latest video to accompany their recent single, “Anxious Hearts“. Fans can listen to the track HERE, and watch the brand new video HERE or at the link below.


Speaking on today’s single release, Anna Gevorkian (vocals/drums) shares:


We had the honor of co-writing “Anxious Hearts” with some really incredible musicians, Taylor Carroll (Lit) and Arejay Hale (Halestorm). The concept of overcoming anxiety is really a universal one and lyrically we were able to come up with a message that we felt could resonate with so many different types of people. In a world where everyone is so divisive it feels necessary to write a song that cuts through all that.


Sharing insight as the director of the “Anxious Hearts” video, Rosie Geozalian continues:


We wanted to imagine what the future of entertainment and filmmaking might be like. You already have the algorithm personalizing your feed. You have AR + VR experiences becoming more and more immersive. We imagined a future “cerebral reality” experience that would be tailored to each person’s fears and anxieties. You go to the theatre and the cerebral reality glasses allow you to watch your own fears as a film — imagine exposure therapy as entertainment.


With over 1.5 million streams on Spotify alone, it’s no surprise that Satellite Citi have returned with another successful single. “Anxious Hearts” was not only co-written by Lit‘s Taylor Carroll and Halestorm‘s Arejay Hale, but also produced by Mike Plotnikoff (My Chemical RomanceThree Days GracePapa Roach). The band has more exciting news on the horizon, revolving around new music and even a comic book that will accompany their next body of work. Be sure to stay tuned for more Satellite Citi news coming soon.