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Sofa King Cool caught up with Moon Fever and we discussed the new single Cassanova, the new video, adapting as a musician during the Coronavirus, live shows on social media, being ready to tour, and how touring will change once the pandemic ends


Their hedonistic, larger-than-life sound might recall a more hellacious period of rock ‘n’ roll history, but make no mistake: Moon Fever is a band built for modern times. In a musical world where genre lines have been muddied beyond recognition, the Hollywood-based band unabashedly worship at the altar of the Sunset Strip idols that came before them – a welcome respite from the multi-hyphen, blend-o-matic masquerading as today’s rock music. With the release of new single “Casanova” the band is kicking down doors and wooing fans into their frenetic world.

The band – vocalist Cody Jasper, guitarist Mitch Micoley, guitarist Joe Perez, bassist Gabe Maska and drummer Greg Garcia – trade in high-octane garage-infused riffs, soaring vocals, and lyrical storytelling with enough debauchery to simultaneously raise eyebrows and fists. It’s unfiltered, honest-to-god rock with a sonic upgrade for today’s listeners’ discerning ears.

Indeed, subtlety and self-consciousness have no place in Moon Fever. Debut single “Fever” marked one hell of a coming-out party, blasting through with a self-referential declaration that announced the band to the world at large. It would sound equally as captivating in a seedy club as in a packed arena; in short, it’s the perfect mission statement for a modern rock band. “We literally say, ‘We sold our souls to rock ’n’ roll’ in the song – that’s a pretty damn good representation of what you’re going to get,” Micoley declares with a laugh.

The band’s songs are awash in authenticity and kinetic energy, a byproduct of the undeniable chemistry between Jasper and Micoley, who connected online in late 2019 and soon realized the symbiotic power of their musical prowess.

“When I found Cody, it immediately felt like he was the Robert Plant to my Jimmy Page,” Micoley explains.

The Austin-based Jasper relocated to LA, where he moved into a tiny studio apartment with his new songwriting partner and began carving out the beginning stages of Moon Fever before breakneck recording sessions in the backyard pool house of producer Jim Kaufmann (Anti-Flag, Night Riots, Danny Worsnop). A few lost weekends later, the band emerged with a quiver of undeniable anthemic arrows teeming with the ghosts of the glory days of Hollywood rock – ready to shoot at an unexpecting world.

“There’s some kind of energy in LA that seeps into the music,” Jasper says. “It feels like something to aspire to.”

Now, with several songs recorded and being readied for release, Moon Fever are poised to usher in a new era of rock that pulls no punches and leaves no bottle left upright – fully enjoying every second of fast living along the way. “We’re a rock band from LA,” Micoley proudly states, before his partner in crime interjects with his own wry declaration: “With the same bad habits.”

Moon Fever is:
Cody Jasper – Vocals
Mitch Micoley – Guitar
Joe Perez – Guitar
Gabe Maska – Bass
Greg Garcia – Drums

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