Interview with Kissing Candice

Sofa King Cool caught up with Aunt Donna from Kissing Candice and we talk about how she hooked up with Tom Savini to make the new mask, we talk about the evolution of Aunt Donna, The new single Tapeworm and what went into making the video, the upcoming album, more videos coming out from the upcoming album, how covid set the album release back, their upcoming comic book from Sacred Chaos, the possibility of hooking up with Ice Nine Kills for a track, the future of touring and what is next for the band

The five members of Kissing Candice are donning new face gear, and Tom Savini was the man behind the “Aunt Donna” getups worn by vocalist Joey. The masks for Dreamer (vocals/guitar), Suffront (guitar) and Grip (bass) were created by up-and-coming underground designer Jeff Koncor, and drummer Pak made his own disguise (with a little help from a blowtorch).

Below you can see the new video for Kissing Candice’s “Tapeworm” (the band’s next single, to be released Friday the 13th of November), which was directed by Tom Flynn, who has done clips for Lamb of God, All That Remains, Ice-T’s Body Count, 10 Years and numerous other artists. And below that, you can see four panels from an upcoming collaboration between the band and Sacred Chaos Comics, coming in 2021 to tie in with the release of Kissing Candice’s new album. 

‘Tapeworm’ is available to download from November 13th. You can pre-save the track by clicking here.

Kissing Candice started as a mere vision in early 2012. Ex-Dr. Acula keyboardist and sample mastermind, Joey Simpson, was looking to start a project that would combine metal, hardcore, industrial and electronic music in a unique and cinematic fashion. Taking on the role of frontman, Joey hit the studio with producer Jeremy Comitas to record the debut EP”Murder” . While giving listeners a taste of what to expect from the band, Joey soon realized that it was time to put together a full lineup. 

After recruiting Tommy Sciro (guitar), Michael Pak(drums), Mike Grippo (bass), and Nephew(Guitar) the band began to fine-tune their songs for live performances. Soon, this Long Island based five-piece had a sizable buzz growing online, with followers and fans accumulating on various social networks. Quickly attracting listeners on a daily basis, Kissing Candice was already proving that their brand is being eagerly welcomed to the scene. Shortly after the solidification of a lineup, Kissing Candice were invited to open up both days of Slipknot’s two day festival “Knotfest”. Wasting no time, the band began touring the United States in support of their debut EP while continuously writing new material to bring to their growing fan base. The band quickly began to be recognized for their theatrical presentation of their music at live shows which includes fog, lights, and gallons of blood!

Fresh off a full Summer 2013 United States tour supporting Snow White’s Poison Bite (Victory Records) and Farewell, My Love (Standby Records) the band entered the studio to record their follow up to last years “Murder”. The new EP, titled “Conjured” was produced by Jeremy Comitas and was self released by the band on December 1st through all major online retailers. “Conjured” shows off the diversity of the band while still managing to maintain a sound and image that their fans can recognize. Since the release of “Conjured” Kissing Candice has since brought their music to new markets by providing direct support to Bam Margera (Fuckface Unstoppable) on select dates of his 2013 United States tour.

Kissing Candice continued their slaughter all throughout 2014 by touring and playing shows with bands such as Combichrist, Dance Gavin Dance, Capture The Crown, and many more. Towards the end of 2014, Victory Records announced they had signed Kissing Candice. The band closed out the year with the release of their new single and music video “Ghosted”.

Kissing Candice released their debut Victory Records full length entitled “Blind Until We Burn” on June 29, 2015. In support of the album, Kissing Candice toured away Summer 2015 beginning with a full US run with legendary hip-hop duo Twiztid. Immediately after, the band did another full run around the USA on the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival.

Throughout 2015 and 2016, the band continued to tour in support of their debut full length album, touring with national acts such as Aiden, It Lies Within, and Scare Don’t Fear. In Summer 2016, the band went back into the studio to record the new single “Taken” with Zach Jones (My Enemies & I). With this single, the band debuted a ferocious new sound which their legions of dedicated listeners instantly latched onto.

Following the release of Taken, Kissing Candice was invited to perform on the Main Stage at The Gathering of The Juggalos 17. The band made an impact on theatrical rap duo Insane Clown Posse and have since been invited back to play the main stage of both their Hallowicked (October 2016) and Canadian Juggalo Weekend (February 2017) Festivals.

Kissing Candice is currently working on the release of new material and continued non-stop touring. The band has no intentions on slowing down and will continue to pummel their unique blend of horror and metal down everyone’s throats until the world has experienced them.

This is part of a comic-book project with help from Sacred Chaos Comics

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