Fright-Rag Teams Up with MISFITS With Horror Themed Shirts

Fright-Rags Rings in Friday the 13th with MISFITS, BASKET CASE, & MASTERS OF HORROR 
New apparel on sale now at
Fright-Rags rings in Friday the 13th with new merchandise from the Misfits, Basket Case, and masters of horror Alfred Hitchcock and Lon Chaney.
Fright-Rags has once again joined forces with punk legends the Misfits for three shirts: “Fiend from Crystal Lake” crosses the band’s iconic fiend skull logo with Jason Voorhees’ signature hockey mask; “American Nightmare” gives Freddy Krueger a Misfits-style makeover; and “Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight?” puts a horror poster spin on the band’s classic song of the same name.

Fright-Rags launched a collection of apparel for Frank Henenlotter’s 1982 cult classic, Basket Case. It includes three new shirt designs, the classic poster art on T-shirts and baseball tees, and an enamel pin with slide action to reveal what’s in the basket: the monstrous Belial.

Fright-Rags has expanded its Masters of Horror collection with new Alfred Hitchcock and Lon Chaney apparel. The Hitchcock shirt is dedicated to his influential Alfred Hitchcock Presents anthology series, while Chaney is featured on a shirt and a pair of socks in his iconic Phantom of the Opera makeup.

Misfits, Basket Case and Masters of Horror collections are on sale now at
Be sure to return to the site on April 20 for its latest “classick” re-print of Jeff Zornow’s The Burning shirt, available for three days only. Fright-Rags will also be participating in the Alien Day festivities on April 26 with several limited edition items.