Did ‘The Walking Dead’ Accidentally Reveal Series End Date?

The end of The Walking Dead might have been revealed in permits which requested a three more years of life in Senoia, Georgia.

In requesting a permit to build a massive 55-foot windmill, the production team behind the AMC series asked it be permitted to stand for three years. Furthermore, the team has permits which allow them to shut down the streets surrounding the Alexandria set in Senoia, Georgia which expire in 2019. Those permits have been submitted for renewal, requesting an extension to match the three-year term of the windmill.

Location Manager Mike Riley asked the Senoia City Council for permission to build a 55-foot tall windmill on the ‘Alexandria’ site, located at the Gin Property development in downtown – and to keep it there for three years,” the Newnan Times-Herald reports. “Stalwart Films, the production company for The Walking Dead, has a permit for the closure of Morgan Street and the corrugated metal wall around the Alexandria site, which expires at the end of 2019. Riley asked that those permits be extended to match the three year permit for the windmill.”

This could be an indication of The Walking Dead planning to pack it up after Season Eleven.

However, this could be inaccurate given several possible variables. First of all, there is no guarantee the AMC series will remain set in Alexandria as the comic book series has. Furthermore, there may be limitations on permits, as three year request could be the maximum under Senoia’s jurisdiction. With an uncertain future, there could also be a business aspect to requests, simply meaning the team could wait for a Season Twelve or beyond to be guaranteed before spending any more money on further years of permits.

Currently, The Walking Dead is charging toward a fresh start, which Rick actor Andrew Lincoln tells has him quite excited. “I’m very excited about Angela [Kang]’s tenure,” Lincoln told “She pitched the first eight a couple of weeks ago. I think we’re getting the first episode today. There’s a renewed vigor, vitality, energy, and just vision that’s happening that is reminiscent, and certainly for me, of the pilot episode. There’s a lot of things in there that I kind of dig that she’s looking into. The things that I loved about the pilot episode, there’s a few ideas in there that she’s expanding and running with, which is very exciting.”

Lincoln and others return to the set of The Walking Dead for production on Season Nine on April 30.