Watch “Degenerate!” Ace Frehley In Deleted Averengers: Infinity War Scene

The scene happened shortly after the kidnapping of Gamora by Thanos. Quill (Chris Pratt) is upset that Drax (Dave Bautista) has shut off his Zune, Microsoft’s short-lived attempt to compete with the iPod in the mid-’00s. Drax’s complaint was that Quill kept playing “New York Groove,” which he says he needed to get back in his own groove.

Drax shouts, “The man who sings this song is a degenerate!”

“I will not sit here and allow you to malign Ace Frehley,” Quill fires back, and he proceeds to chase Drax around a table in the hopes of retrieving his Zune.

“Ace Frehley is not helping,” Drax responds. “We haven’t even left Knowhere yet.”

“Ace Frehley is helping more than you are,” Quill says,

Avengers: Infinity War will become available on digital platforms beginning this Tuesday (July 31), with the DVD and Blu-ray release happening two weeks later, on Aug. 14.

Watch The Scene Below