Warner Bros sets Goosebumps’ Carl Ellsworth to write the Gremlins reboot

Despite Joe Dante having no involvement and screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith saying the reboot was in a “holding pattern”, Warner Bros is moving forward with their new version of GREMLINS and have a new writer on board to script it.

Deadline reports that the studio has selected Carl Ellsworth to write a new draft of the GREMLINS reboot which is being produced by Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus. Spielberg executive produced the original GREMLINS and Columbus served as screenwriter, so their involvement here is at least a positive connection to the first film. Ellsworth has written the screenplays for RED EYE, DISTURBIA, THE LAST HO– USE ON THE LEFT, and the abysmal RED DAWN remake. His next film is the family friendly horror movie GOOSEBUMPS starring Jack Black.

GREMLINS is an iconic part of movie history. It grossed over $150 million on an $11 million budget and spawned a lone sequel. There has been talk of either a third film or a reboot for decades now and this seems to be the closest we have heard to it actually coming to fruition. The dark comedy aspect of GREMLINS is what really made it work, so if Ellsworth can strike that same tone with the reboot, it will come down to the right director and cast.

If they keep it a Christmas movie, I would expect to see the new GREMLINS by November 2016.

Source: Deadline