The Walking Dead Season 8: Carl Grimes Will SURVIVE If Robert Kirkman Has Any Say

THE WALKING DEAD’S Carl Grimes looks like he won’t die after all, if creator Robert Kirkman’s latest comments are anything to go by.

The midseason finale saw Carl (played by Chandler Riggs) expose his walker bite to a devastated Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), surely sealing his demise.

However, it appears The Walking Dead has taken a leaf out of Game of Thrones’ book, and pulled a Jon Snow over fans’ eyes.

Speaking at a Walker Stalker Cruise Q&A panel alongside some key players from The Walking Dead cast, Robert warned fans to expect the unexpected.

“He’s not dead yet,” he said, according ComicBook. “He might not die. You never know.

“But I think if that were that to happen, I think that it would have some interesting ramifications on Rick that I think would energise and really kind of set things in motion in a really interesting way leading to the resolution of All Out War; in a way that will make for a very exciting back half to season eight.

“So I think it’s going to be really cool.”

Robert also addressed how Carl’s death would affect the comic books “in a way that is detrimental to the show”.

“I think that there’s a lot of great stuff from the comic that will be adapted into the show in season nine or beyond,” he said.

“Comic book fans might be excited about the possibility of the Whisperers showing up in the show. I’m not confirming that, but I definitely would not rule it out.”

Robert’s revelations comes after actor Chandler Riggs opened up about his exit, which may soon prevail to have been a double-bluff.

“I didn’t expect for Carl to ever get killed off. But it serves a good purpose in the story,” he told The Hollywood Reporter.

“There’s still a little more left in Carl’s story – in episode nine [the midseason premiere in 2018] — and that impacts Rick, Michonne and everyone.”

He went on to say: “I was planning on going to college until I found out. I found out when I was doing rehearsals for episode six back in June.

“It was quite the shocker for me, Andy [Lincoln] and everyone because I don’t think anyone saw it coming. Scott wanted to meet in person because it was such a big deal.”

Fans got quite the shock in The Walking Dead mid-season finale, but Robert Kirkman might’ve given them a small sliver of hope.

Kirkman appeared with several members of the cast on a Walker Stalker Cruise Q&A panel. One of the questions regarded Carl Grimes, who was revealed to have been bitten by a walker. The show is definitely hinting that this will be Carls last hurrah, but Kirkman threw out a small chance he might make it.

“He’s not dead yet,” Kirkman said. “He might not die. You never know. But I think if, were that to happen, I think that it would have some interesting ramifications on Rick, that I think would energize and really kind of set things in motion in a really interesting way leading to the resolution of All Out War in a way that will make for a very exciting back half to season 8, so I think it’s going to be really cool.”

He was also asked whether that death would change the comic at all, there isn’t much chance of that happening.

“As far as whether or not I think it’s going to change things for the comic in a way that is detrimental to the show, I definitely don’t,” Kirkman said. “I think that there’s a lot of great stuff from the comic that will be adapted into the show in season 9 or beyond. Comic book fans might be excited about the possibility of the Whisperers showing up in the show. I’m not confirming that, but I definitely would not rule it out.”

Now, there would be some changes of course, as Carl is still around in the comics when the Whisperers are introduced, but according to Kirkman, maybe he’ll still be around in the show too.

The Walking Dead is certainly giving off the impression that Carl will die by the end of season 8, though they have faked fans out before. If they managed to pull this off, it could their biggest magic trick yet, though we’ll just have to wait and see.

The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its eighth season on February 25, 2018.

The new and extended trailer for The Walking Dead‘s Season Eight return was loaded with important moments and clues regarding the show’s coming events.

The trailer, available for viewing above (along with a shorter, alternate trailer), dropped over the Super Bowl weekend, promising Rick and his Alexandria community will finally settle their differences with Negan and his Saviors. Surprisingly enough, Carl’s death was not a huge focus of the trailer, though his final moments appear to be pivotal for several characters.

While Carl’s death promises to consume a good chunk of the Mid-Season Eight premiere on February 25, 2018, the extended episode promises to catapult the show beyond the sendoff and into The Last Stand arc.

Continue reading at your own risk, as the trailer is broken down by its seven most important and spoiler-ific moments.


Carl’s death will serve as a pivotal moment for Rick Grimes more than anyone. Carl, a character once bent on killing and adapting to the apocalyptic setting or survival, has finally had his eyes opened to morality and civilization.

In his final moments, Carl will plead with his father to find the same morality and mercy he knew back in the prison and farming days. “You put away your gun, how you stopped fighting, it was right,” Carl says. “It still is. You can still be like that again.”

“I can’t be who I was,” Rick claims. “It’s different now.”

Going back to the prison, once again, Carl calls back to his mother Lori’s final moments. “Before mom died, she told me that I was gonna beat this world,” Carl said. “You will.”

Lori’s last words to Carl were, “You are gonna beat this world. I know you will. You are smart, and you are strong and you are so brave, and I love you. You gotta do what’s right. Promise me you’ll always do what’s right. It’s so easy to do the wrong thing in this world, so if it feels wrong, don’t do it, if it feels easy don’t do it, don’t let the world spoil you.”

As promised by Chandler Riggs in his exit interview, Carl’s death will likely serve as a means to preserve Negan’s life after a final showdown with Rick.


In the Mid-Season finale, Enid and Aaron had a little feud with the Oceanside community. They had accidentally shot and killed their leader Natania.

At a glance, this would seem like a major mistake. The two set out to recruit allies and shot their leader. However, the Oceanside community was none too fond of Natania’s choices as a leader. In fact, most of them are hungry for revenge. If Cindy is able to put aside her grief and anger over her grandmother’s death — something certainly easier said than done — the community might just join Rick’s cause, finally.

After all, it appears they are going to let Enid get away unscathed as the character is seen in the trailer hanging around the Hilltop in the shorter trailer for Season 8B. The extended look, however, doesn’t offer any inclination of alliance with Oceanside as Enid and Aaron huddle alone in the woods.


The Walking Dead‘s audience has been reluctant to give Dwight the benefit of the doubt. The two new trailers, in addition to him killing Saviors in the Mid-Season finale, seem to cement Negan’s lieutenant as a true supporter of Alexandria’s cause.

In the extended trailer, Dwight questions the group’s plan. “You sure going to Hilltop is the best plan?” Dwight asks. “All of you, in one place, together?”

In the shorter trailer, Dwight is questioned by Tara. She pressed a gun to his head. Dwight, however, promises once again that he is standing with their cause. “I chose my side,” he said. “I’m here to help you beat Negan.”

It’s time to start believing in Dwight.


Though Dwight may not believe in the plan, Daryl claims everyone being together at the Hilltop will be Negan’s “worst damn nightmare.”

In the trailer, we finally see a reunion between all of Rick’s people. Specifically, Daryl and Carol are together. This moment, however, likely won’t happen in the Mid-Season premiere. It may take a few weeks to reach such a point as Carol is busy handling business with Morgan in an effort to save the King.

The group reuniting is a sign of the final battle coming, though. Everyone will “Rise Up” one again, in the wake of Carl’s death, for the culminating battle between the Hilltop and the Sanctuary.

After all, in The Walking Dead comics, the final bout between Rick and Negan takes place just outside of the Hilltop’s gates.


Those who thought King Ezekiel was in trouble after being captured by Gavin at the Kingdom can breathe a sigh of relief.

As teased in the Mid-Season finale, Morgan Jones will carry out a rescue mission for the man who has helped rebuild his confidence. By the looks of it, he won’t be alone. Several shots in the trailer reveal Morgan and Carol to be working together to save King Ezekiel. Most obviously, there is a shot of Gavin insisting to Ezekiel that Negan will kill him just as an explosion derails their moment. This is inevitably going to be the rescue team coming to Ezekiel’s aid.

“You against all of them?” Nabila says to Carol having recently escaped the Kingdom thanks to Ezekiel’s willingness to sacrifice himself. “They don’t stand a chance.”


After an encounter with Simon and the Saviors, Maggie decided to ditch diplomacy and send a message to Negan in the form of a dead body.

That dead body arrives in Negan’s room in the trailer for the rest of The Walking Dead Season Eight and Negan has to put it down from a reanimated state with a nail gun. Needless to say, he is not pleased with Maggie’s actions and will likely move to strike the Hilltop.

“You set this course,” Negan said into a walkie talkie. “Who’s next?” It’s likely a chat with Maggie or someone who can relay a message to her. After all, he does believe himself to be a Savior and only a killer when necessary. “I stop people from dying. I am the answer.”

Furthermore, the villain has some words for his group about Alexandria after their Mid-Season finale battle. “Appears our friends had themselves an escape plan. They are out there somewhere,” Negan said. “Once I clip Rick, everything’s aces again.”



In both the extended and shortened trailers for The Walking Dead’s coming episodes, Eugene Porter is seen carrying out his bullet-manufacturing promise for the Saviors.

With one of Negan’s wives standing beside him the extended trailer, however, he may be showing a bit of regret for his actions. The character revealed himself to have a conscience when he helped free Father Gabriel and Doctor Carson from the Sanctuary, so he may not be completely lost. Overhearing a plan to attack Rick’s people, or covering ammunition in walker guts as he did in the comics, might be enough to turn Eugene away from aiding the villainous faction.