Video Premiere: Ventruss – “Sentiment”

Sofa King Cool and Ventruss have teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Sentiment”


“Sentiment” is dark, eerie, in your face, and just an outright Bonecrusher. This is one we cannot wait to perform live. This is Ventruss like you have not heard yet” – Jesse Newman

Sofa King Cool caught up with Ventruss to discuss the new single Sentiment and what is next for them

Tell us about this latest single “Sentiment” what made you come up with the idea for the song? 
“Sentiment” started off with a clean riff Jesse had been working on for a while. Jamming around, Shawn bounced off his ideas for the verse and we had a subtle foundation. We took influence from Lamb of God’s “Omerta” for the bridge and it all fell into place. 
Does the song have any personal meaning to you or was it something in an observation you wanted to get across to your fans?  
Lyrically, the song is about an old friend of mine that committed suicide. We had a weird falling out and didn’t speak with them for a while, and to get hit with that news was just debilitating. It brought me back to a place when I was very weak mentally. It was a tough one to write.
Previously you had released the single “Talladega”, is there an EP or Album coming from these releases or will you focus on just releasing singles alone this year?
We are planning on releasing an EP sometime around the fall. You will be able to find both “Talladega” and “Sentiment” on the EP along with a few others.
Is writing, recording, production a group effort or is it something you divide up between yourselves?
We are all involved in the songwriting process. Everyone writes and records their own instruments with of course critique from us all.
Now that festivals and touring are slowly making their way back is Ventruss ready? Do you feel there might be some changes in how you perform live for yourselves moving forward?
We already have a few shows lined up! I feel that since we have been out of it for so long, we are definitely going to approach shows a lot differently. Well never say “I really don’t feel like it today” ever again.
How soon do you think the band will be able to get back into performing on stage and possibly festivals and touring? Any dates yet?
We will be in our Home town of Baton Rouge, Louisiana as support for Buckcherry July 20 at the Basin as well as going out to Ocean Springs, Mississippi on July 24 at The Juke Joint. We are definitely lining up some more as well in different cities we either haven’t played much or have never played.
How would you describe your music to people who never heard it before?
Brutally honest. We are always trying to be as authentic as possible. With that being said, Ventruss is best described as heavy, melodic, powerful, aggressive, and in your face. All coinciding with what we grew up on.
Finish the sentence: Ventruss music is music created for the modern metal audience.
Looking at the rest of 2021 what can your listeners look forward to from you?
Some new music that’s for sure. Follow us on all of our socials and find out when we’re coming to your town.