Video Premiere: Red Calling- Torture

Sofa King Cool and Red Calling have teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Torture”



Red Calling: “This past year has taught us that our minds are a fragile thing. Depression, anger, and anxiety are more present than ever. Writing “Torture” was not only a way to cope but to also tell our fans that they are not alone”- Javier Pons



Sofa King Cool caught up with Red Calling to get all the details on their new track Torture premiering 5/21, we get the meaning of the song and the writing process and what is next for the band

Sofa King Cool caught up with Red Calling to talk about their new single Torture 

Tell us about this latest single “Torture” what made you come up with the idea for the song?
Red Calling: It’s been a crazy year full of anxiety, fear, depression, uncertainty and mental health issues have been a second pandemic. “Torture” was written in this period, when trying to find relief, a calming voice. This can be a special relationship, a special person, a spiritual path, etc. This unique voice can silence all the noises that torture our minds. 
Does the song have any personal meaning to you or was it something in an observation you wanted to get across to your fans?  
Red Calling: Both. We all lived through this crazy year so it definitely has a personal meaning and we also want to let our fans know there’s always a way out.
How did you all handle the writing process for “Torture”?
Red Calling: Javier had been playing this double tapping guitar arrangement for a few weeks so we decided to start building the song from there. We added heavy drop-tuned choruses to make them stand out from the verses.  Luis’s bass lines and Deven’s drums were essential to give the song a deep heavy sound. Jessica added the lyrics last and the song came together. 
When touring, and festivals return, how do you think Red Calling will approach it? Will it be as it was pre covid or do you feel there might be some changes in approaching music for yourselves moving forward?
Red Calling: We cannot wait for music festivals to return.  As far as any changes in our music and live performance, I think we’ll be way more intense and dynamic. We’re super stoked to be back on stage, you never know when live music can be taken away again, regardless of the reason.
How soon do you think the band will be able to get back into performing on stage and possibly festivals and touring? Any dates yet?
Red Calling: Yes, we do have a few shows coming up this summer and we are working on more dates and festivals.
How would you describe your music to people who never heard it before?
Red Calling: We like to mix the heaviness of metal while still keeping it melodic. We also add electronic elements so, in simple words, we are a hard rock/alternative metal band.
Finish the sentence: Red Calling’s music is the music created for the open-minded metalheads and hard rockers who are tired of labels and are not afraid of opening up to new sounds and melodies. 

Looking at the rest of 2021 what can your listeners look forward to from you?

Red Calling: What’s left of 2021 will be very exciting and busy for the band. We have an EP coming out soon along with live performances and more music videos. 
You can purchase the track here  and watch the video below 


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