Video Premiere: Anaria – “Alone”

Sofa King Cool and Anaria have teamed up to premiere the video for their next single “Alone”

“From the outset, we knew that we wanted to put the Anaria spin on this song. We wanted to inject more energy into the verses using tempo, rhythm, and hard rock instrumentation. We really enjoyed creating a soundscape for the beginning of the song which built up the tension to the chorus, where we utilized Heart’s classic adaptation combined with our modern instrumental textures. We tried to pay homage to artists who have recorded and performed it, while at the same time making it our own.” – Sergio Salvucci

Sofa King Cool caught up with Anaria and we talked about their new single a cover of Heart’s “Alone”, and what is next for them

Sofa King Cool caught up with  Anaria to talk about the single
Tell us about this latest single “Alone” why did you choose this particular song to cover and add your own personal sound to?
Jessica Jackson-Salvucci: “Aloneness” has been such a pervasive emotion during pandemic times, so it seemed like a perfect song to tackle from a lyrical standpoint. We actually pitched a poll to our followers on social media listing four cover options, and “Alone” was by far the most popular choice. It sits in a great place for Jess’s voice and gave us so much opportunity to give it the cinematic rock treatment.
Does the song have any personal meaning to you?  
Jessica Jackson-Salvucci: Ann and Nancy Wilson are big vocal influences for Jess, as are many of the woman rockers from the 80s and 90s. When that chorus hits, it slaps; it’s just so iconic.
The video is an epic piece of stage work. Tell us about the video for this song.
Sergio Salvucci: We had the idea of taking each of our members and putting them in vast, isolated spaces while playing off the idea that our singer was looking in through mirrors at each band member in their “aloneness.” The video was fully produced by the band and filmed close to home in very extreme weather conditions. 
When touring, and festivals return, how do you think Anaria will approach it? Will it be as it was pre covid or do you feel there might be some changes in approaching music for yourselves moving forward?
Jessica Jackson-Salvucci: We were in a unique position when COVID hit, in that we were not playing shows or touring at the time. The inability to perform due to the pandemic actually allowed us to really take the time to think about what kind of stage experience we want to present going forward. We hope to incorporate new dynamics such as dancers, staging, lighting, and elements of interactivity that will really take our audience on a journey when they attend a show.
How soon do you think the band will be able to get back into performing on stage and possibly festivals and touring? Any dates yet?
Our goal is 2022. 2021 is all about studio releases and stage plotting for us.
How would you describe your music to people who never heard it before?
Sergio Salvucci: A combination of hard rock, cinematic elements, and daring vocals. 
Finish the sentence: Anaria’s music is the music created for the story-seeker
Looking at the rest of 2021 what can your listeners look forward to from you?
Several new singles, a new album, and new cinematic videos! Our thematic exploration is going into deep space.
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