Video Aaron Lewis Slams Elizabeth Warren For Being A Lying Bitch

STAIND frontman Aaron Lewis has slammed Elizabeth Warren, the Massachusetts senator and 2020 Democratic presidential contender, as a “lying bitch” for claiming to be Native American.

Lewis, who was born and raised in Vermont but now lives in Massachusetts, made his comments during his February 9 solo concert in Jacksonville, Florida.

Speaking to the audience in between songs, Aaron said (see video below): “I really don’t wanna give Massachusetts any props right now. I’m being honest with you. I can’t in good conscience give props to the state that re-elected ‘Pocahontas‘ after it was proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that every person in this room is more American Indian than that woman. I have neverclaimed in my life to be American Indian — I’m more American Indian than that fucking lying bitch. So I get to go home once a week and realize that the state that I’m going to voted that fucking perfect bitch back into politics.”

Last month, Warren apologized to Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Bill John Baker for a DNA test she released in October that she said showed “strong evidence” of Native American ancestry dating back several generations.

The Native American community derided her decision to take the test, claiming Warren mistook DNA for identity.

President Donald Trump has repeatedly called Warren “Pocahontas,” a gesture many find offensive and has been dubbed a racial slur. (Pocahontas, the daughter of a Native American chief, welcomed English settlers to the current-day U.S. in the early 17th century.)

In an interview with the Washington PostWarren said she’s sorry “for furthering confusion on tribal sovereignty and tribal citizenship and harm that resulted.”

Warren, who formally announced her 2020 presidential bid on February 9, has been trying for the past year to get past the controversy.

Lewis, who is widely considered to be one of the most politically conservative musicians in rock, was a staunch critic of President Barack Obama, telling a crowd at one of his solo concerts in 2016: “Barack Obama should have been impeached a long fucking time ago. Every fucking decision he makes is against the Constitution, it’s against what’s good for our fucking country, and he is truly the worst fucking president that we have ever had in the history of this fucking country.”

That same year, Lewis told Billboard that he would support Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential race, even though he was “disappointed” by the real estate mogul “with the bickering and the name-calling.” Lewis added that he voted for Senator Ted CruzTrump‘s closest competitor in the Republican nomination race, in the Massachusetts primary.