Tom Hardy plays twin gangsters in the trailer for Brian Helgeland’s Legend

The only thing better than one Tom Hardy is two, and that’s exactly what writer Brian Helgeland (42, PAYBACK) is serving up with his latest directorial effort, LEGEND. The film follows that of the Kray Twins, who ran nightclubs and were the heads of a ruthlesss gang in 1950s/60s London. The first trailer for the film has arrived, so now you can see for yourself if one movie can contain this much badassery.

Brian Helgeland has proved his metal in the realm of crime-drama with scripts like MYSTIC RIVER and L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, so I’m very excited to see his take on the genre with Tom Hardy in tow. Hardy has always delivered solid work, but I’m happy to see the man keep taking on high-profile projects like MAD MAX and LEGEND after he’s done a few flicks with Christopher Nolan. And if Nolan would like to work with Hardy again in the future, I’d be okay with that! Seriously though, why was he not in INTERSTELLAR? He could have played the Endurance.

LEGEND will see a US release sometime this year.