The Mighty Ducks Star Arrested for burglary and for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

Shaun Weiss, who starred as goalie Greg Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks, has been arrested for burglary and for being under the influence of methamphetamine.

The former child star, now 41, was arrested in Marysville, California, after being discovered rummaging through a car parked inside a local resident’s garage at approximately 7am on Sunday, January 26.

The homeowner then alerted police to an ‘unknown male inside his garage that did not belong there,’ and police found Weiss searching through the resident’s car.

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The 41-year-old had allegedly gained entry to the car by shattering the passenger window, and officers ordered ‘the male out of the vehicle and took him into custody,’ according to Marysville Police Department’s statement posted to their Facebook page.

Weiss displayed symptoms of being under the influence of methamphetamine and said he did not reside at this residence. Weiss also said the vehicle he was filtering through was not his.

Shortly after Weiss’ mugshot was posted online, fans of the former actor quickly took to Twitter to express their sadness over the situation. While one person wrote: ‘This is depressing. I hope he gets the help he needs,’ another simply said: ‘So sad.’

Another urged police to get him the help he so clearly needs, writing: ‘Maybe get him some help instead of letting him go free again,’ while another expressed their sympathy, writing: ‘Wow poor Goldberg.’

Weiss, who was arrested for public intoxication in August 2018, has a long history of substance abuse. In 2017, the actor was sentenced to 90 days in county jail for possession of suspected methamphetamine.

At the time, a rep for Weiss said the then-38-year-old had ‘hit his bottom’. The rep added: ‘Hopefully he will stay clean and sober when he gets out.’ Unfortunately, he did not, and Weiss was booked into the Yuba County Jail on Sunday. He is currently being held on $52,500 bail.

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