Take a Look at the Full Cast of American Horror Story: Hotel!



The International Business Times released an article yesterday revealing the full cast of the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

Being a big American Horror Story freak, I panicked and read through the list so fast I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out of my head. Despite some interesting changes, overall, I’m super excited about who they chose to star this season!

Here’s the list of cast members (which is probably still subject to change) as posted by IBT:

Evan Peters

He’s been through every season so far, and now he’s back and checking in!

Sarah Paulson

Can I be you?
Can I be you?

Another regular through all four seasons so far, Sarah will join the cast as Janis Joplin. (WHAT?!)

Kathy Bates

Kathy Bates is magic!
Kathy Bates is magic!

The incredible, magical, talented Kathy Bates returns for her third season onAHS. (…can you tell I really love Kathy Bates?)

Finn Wittrock

This handsome devil made his debut on AHS as the adorably insane Dandy Mott, and he returns to check in to the hotel, and I’m freaking out. YAY!

Michelle Pfeiffer

Portraying one of the hotel’s previous owners, Martina McBride! This is a really cool change to the cast; Pfeiffer is iconic and a welcome breath of fresh air!

Lily Rabe

One of my personal favorites throughout the seasons, Rabe will play a hotel guest losing her mind. She has also played a nun losing her mind, and a witch who has clearly already lost her mind. She’s a little too good at that…

Alexander Skarsgard

– Holds for intense fangirl attack – we all know him from True Blood where he’s already played a vampire, so creepy stuff isn’t new to him. He’ll be checking into the hotel and everyone will probably jump his bones, and I don’t really blame them.

Angela Bassett

The always-spunky, fabulous diva will be returning as a jazz singer in the hotel. I hope she keeps her “I’m the best and I know it” attitude; with a combination of Marie Laveau and Desiree Dupree under her belt, she’s going to run that hotel, honey.

Denis O’Hare

He always seems to play characters we love to hate, most recently, selling Freakshow performers to museums for money (what a jerk). He’ll be a bartender in this season, and I can’t wait to see if I love him or hate him this season!

Lady Gaga

Cast as a lounge singer. I don’t have much to say about this one yet, because she doesn’t have any AHS experience under her belt, but we’ll see…

Matt Bomer

He had a short run in Freakshow, but he’s back and starring in Hotel! His description is basically “goody-two-shoes that makes sure no one gets into trouble”…where’s the fun in that, Matt?!

Tammy Blanchard

Cast as the nasty maid who peeps on guests. She was recently in Into the Woods, so you might all know her from there!

Frances Conroy

My personal favorite woman in the whole world is back for Hotel, and I probably wouldn’t have watched it if she wasn’t. All I have to say is she’s the greatest ever. I mean, Balenciaga…

Cheyenne Jackson

This man’s been nominated for Grammy awards for his performances in musical theater, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s kind of stunning. His character is a bellboy who “loves to gossip and is seen engaging in strange and suspicious behavior”…uh oh.

Grace Gummer

Another one to engage in said “strange activities”….she was the Lizard Girl inFreakshow! I’m so excited she’s back this season!

Wes Bentley

Wes Bentley will Return!
Wes Bentley will Return!

Will be portraying Father Dominic Deon. Oh man, here we go…could this be an extension of Asylum?

Donald Sutherland

Potentially friends with Father Dominic, he tries to cleanse the hotel of any evil, but apparently does a really awful job.

Steven Weber

Described as the hotel inspector that everyone hates. Some of his credits include How To Get Away With Murder, Chasing Life, Law and Order: SVU and tons more.

Chloë Sevigny

You all remember her as the crazy nymphomaniac from Season 2! We’ve all been waiting for her to make her return, and now she’s here as a happy homemaker. What a change.

Michael Chiklis

One of my biggest celebrity crushes is returning as a scientist desperately searching for a job. I’m thinking some weird stuff is going to go on surrounding him…maybe some human experiments?

Christine Estabrook

Veteran of Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, she’s got a good handle on crazy things that may be thrown her way. She’ll be portraying the hotel’s realtor. Sorry, Christine, I don’t know if you’re gonna sell this one.