SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan “I do myself no favors expressing my opinions on social media but it is my opinion …Some of you would like my voice silenced and for me to lose everything I have”

SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan has pushed back against people who don’t want him to publicly voice his controversial political views.

The musician, who also owns a high-end comic shop called Torpedo Comics in Las Vegas, took to his Instagram earlier today (Tuesday, September 5) to share a screenshot of what appears to be a review of Torpedo from someone going by the name “Jeff Jones“. In his “review,” Jeff attempts to discourage others from patronizing the store, saying that the business is “owned by fascist sympathizer who pedals [sic] in racist conspiracy theories.”

Dolmayan, who has praised Donald Trump in recent months and has accused Democrats of “demonizing” the president and “blaming him for everything under the sun,” included the following message with his post: “This is ‘Jeff Jones‘ , he doesn’t like my comic book company torpedo comics because I have views that differ from his ( if he exists at all). This is of course his right , what ‘Jeff‘ fails to understand is that the tactics he’s employing including cancel culture and shaming based on a false moral high ground are simply fascist tactics being employed by someone who doesn’t understand or care that I have over 20 employees of all genders ,political affiliations, sexual orientations , races etc, and that they choose to work for me because they are free to be whoever they want to be so long as they do their jobs and are happy .

“Of course I do myself no favors expressing my opinions on social media but it is my opinion that it’s important to have differing views especially when you consider the band I’m in and how polarizing some of our messages were though they didn’t necessarily represent the opinions of all of us all the time,” he continued. “If I simply kept my mouth shut as some of you would prefer there would be one less voice speaking against the willful destruction and hate that is consuming so many people , hate and anger that will only bring a stronger and more violent reaction from opposing ideals. This helps no one.



“Some of you would like my voice silenced and for me to lose everything I have and shutter my business up forever but I will defy you and continue to exercise my first amendment rights peacefully and support you or any opposing mindsets rights to freely voice those ideas I would spend a lifetime arguing against as long as you do so peacefully and without destruction .”

Dolmayan concluded: “My company is called torpedo comics and we welcome all of you irrespective of your politics.”

This past June, Dolmayan blasted “cowards” who criticize those who think they are “coming from a morally superior position,” saying that they “can’t handle free speech” and “need to be herded along with the rest of the sheep.”

He also called Democrats “the true bigots” who “fought to maintain slavery” and were “directly responsible for 70 plus million abortions, a large majority of whom were black.”

Dolmayan supports Trump‘s claim that his administration has done more for the African-American community “than any president since Abraham Lincoln.”

John‘s views are in sharp contrast to those of SYSTEM OF A DOWN singer Serj Tankian, who has called for Trump to resign and described him as “completely useless” over his handling of the coronavirus outbreak.