Styx drummer bloodied Atlanta fan with drumstick to the face Lawsuit Filed

Styx concert in Atlanta left a woman in the audience with physical scars, emotional anguish and “loss of enjoyment of life” after a drumstick struck her in the face, according to a lawsuit

Lori Frederick is suing the band’s drummer and Texas resident Todd Sucherman, who the lawsuit says “negligently threw a drumstick into the audience during the performance” at Aaron’s Amphitheatre at Lakewood in June 2015.

Sucherman didn’t give “timely and proper warning to allow (Frederick) to fully protect herself from injury,” the suit alleges.

As a result, it says Frederick lost the benefit of the concert tickets, her clothing was “rendered useless” by the blood from her injury and she was unable to register for the AJC Peachtree Road Race in July.

She seeks to recover damages including medical expenses and lost income.

Also named in the filing is Delaware-based TMB Productions, which “owned, operated or managed the band Styx in its musical performances” during the June 2015 incident.

The undated lawsuit, which appeared on a list of Georgia lawsuits this week, says Sucherman’s actions raise “the presumption of conscious indifference to actions,” and that he and TMB Productions “have been stubbornly litigious, acted in bad faith.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution