Stevie Nicks on Twirling, Kicking Drugs and a Lifetime With Lindsey via Rolling Stone

You can’t keep a gold dust woman down – and Stevie Nicks is one busy gypsy these days. In the past few years, she’s made two of her best solo albums, toured the world with Fleetwood Mac and sung for the witches of American Horror Story. Her excellent new 24 Karat Gold: Songs from the Vault has songs she’s written over the years but never recorded before, reaching back to 1969. This fall she hits the road again with the Mac – this time with the long-lost Christine McVie back in the fold. “The five original cast members,” Nicks says proudly. “Of all the elite bands of the Seventies, we’re the only one touring with the same lineup we had in 1975.”

In the article Stevie talks in detail about her solo album, what it’s like to be touring again with Fleetwood Mac and elements of her past and the music industry that she wanted to address in her music.

Stevie goes into great detail on the history of cocaine in the music industry, how many artists felt that they had to do it to keep up their energy. Now clean, Stevie warns others not to continue this trend and wished someone told her the following:

“You don’t really need to do barrels full of cocaine – you have the energy. You were born with it. You never need drugs to do your work.”

One single on the new album, “Mabel Normand” is inspired by the actor of the same name. Who fell into a bad cocaine addiction. The song has a tragic story and hopes to spread the message that drugs should not be in creative spaces. Stevie talks further into how quitting drugs can be hard. Indeed it is, there may be drug testing in Mattoon IL and other places to help identify who needs help but if there’s a pusher then the ability to quit drugs can be more difficult.

The takeaway from this interview is that Stevie is glad to be back on the road with Fleetwood Mac as well as releasing her solo album. While she may be running two careers at one time she’s certain she can manage it.

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