Sean Astin gives an update on The Goonies sequel; “They can’t figure it out”

Last year director Richard Donner said THE GOONIES 2 was a go and later revealed that Steven Spielberg developed the story. But during yesterday’s appearance on Politicking with Larry King, Sean Astin was asked if there is going to be a sequel, and he said, “They want to — they’re trying. They can’t figure it out.” King then wanted to know why they are having a problem figuring out what to do with the follow-up.

Because something special happened with that movie. I mean really special. You can’t imagine how much people love this movie from the 80s, that almost doesn’t hold up in terms of the quality. But Spielberg had a this magic poetry in him, and Dick Donner had this sense of adventure in him, and the two of them got together and made a movie where they let things happen.There’s things in that movie that are wrong. Like, a lot. I accidentally call one character by his actor name and not his character name. There is a sequence with an octopus that was cut out, but one of the characters refers to it in a prominent way at the end of the movie. They left it in! There was a whimsy about how they did this movie that was so full of love. It’s really hard to engineer that. And, now they’ve got all this time to think about it. It’s hard.

While I’d love to see what the gang has been up to these past thirty years, I’m not going to be too disappointed if a sequel doesn’t get made. Just don’t give THE GOONIES the reboot treatment; no one wants to see that happen.