Radio DJ Don Imus Dead at 79, Howard Stern Rival

Don Imus — the legendary yet controversial radio personality — has died … according to a family spokesperson.Imus reportedly died Friday at a hospital in College Station, Texas, after being admitted on Christmas Eve. A cause of death is unknown at this time.The cowboy hat wearing shock jock’s death comes less than 2 years after he retired. His final day on the “Imus in the Morning” radio program was March 29, 2018. Don made the announcement of his retirement via Twitter in January 2018, saying … “Turn out the lights…the party’s over.”Imus hosted his radio show for almost 50 years, but in the past 2 decades has been in the news for various controversies … including in 2007, when he referred to the Rutgers Women’s Basketball team as “nappy-headed hos” and “jigaboos.”He was fired by CBS shortly afterward.He is survived by his wife of 25 years, Deirdre, sons Wyatt and Lt. Zachary Don Cates and daughters Nadine, Ashley, Elizabeth and Toni.Don was 79.RIP