Post Malone And Joe Rogan Did Mushrooms Before Their 3.5 Hour Interview, The Talk About Aliens And Making A Coachella set Based Off Roblox. Watch Here

Post Malone and Joe Rogan have revealed they took some psychedelic mushrooms before they embarked on their more than three hour podcast.

The ‘Better Now’ artist opened the lengthy interview by stating he hadn’t slept yet and Joe quietly announced that they were enjoying a beautiful mushroom trip.

Surprisingly, they weren’t just staring at the pretty colors, and actually got into some interesting topics.

First up was Post explaining that he moved to Utah rather than one of the bigger cities like Los Angeles or New York City because it is really peaceful and allows him to focus on his art. Then they addressed the metaphorical elephant in the room.

Rogan said: “If you do the right amount of mushrooms, get in a float tank, you can meet aliens.

“That’s why I like weed, weed makes you vulnerable and for someone like me, that’s a good thing. Just look at all the vulnerabilities in life and the temporary nature of it. It makes me more appreciative. The fear makes me more appreciative.

“Mushrooms are a different animal man, they just bring you to this weird place that’s like right next door. It’s like a hall pass to this other place, like you get a VIP bracelet, you get to go into another room.”

Post replied: “But you don’t get to go in until you get that bracelet.”

He also revealed that taking mushrooms led to an incredibly profound and explorative musical experience that he had with his producer.

“I’ve been doing these microdoses for a while, and you don’t really catch it until you do like 10 right off the rip,” he told Rogan. “But then I ate these chocolates the other day, these shroomies chocolates. And me and my producer Lou, we made a Coachella set for about two hours based off Roblox.

“And then I sampled it and we made a whole two-hour set off the deal with just a floor-to-the-floor kickdrum and it was the time of my life.”

People who have watched the podcast since it was uploaded onto YouTube reckon it’s one of the best three and a half hours of their lives.

Post said that none of his musical creations have come from intention and are the result of pure accident – much like the Coachella x Roblox set.

The pair both celebrated the idea of how drugs have led to a lot of creativity in both their lives.

They talk about loads of different things, from taking the drug DMT to how big whales are, from wondering whether China is cloning people to the thrill of going on stage at a concert, the old school Wild West gunslingers to aliens. It really is a wild ride.