As 2015 gets closer and closer to hitting its end, Nike had better get their shit together on those self-lacing sneakers and whoever makes Hoverboards might want to speed up the process on making those available to the general public. Both “promises” from BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II, which should have been realities by now, are about to get lapped by Pepsi, who is all set to make Pepsi Perfect a thing.

On October 21, Pepsi is going to make available a limited edition collectible of the drink Marty McFly orders when he ventures into the Cafe 80s in the second chapter of the BACK TO THE FUTURE Trilogy. Only 6,500 bottles will go on sale at a price point of $20.15, and once that supply is bought up, that’s it. You’ll be able to take your shot at landing one online (although details of where exactly have been unreleased), and, for those of you who think 20 bucks for a Pepsi is awfully steep, Marty did drop $50 on his in the movie… so consider this a lucky discount.

If you’re attending New York Comic-Con, you’ve got a chance of landing one for yourself, but you have to put in some work. 1,500 bottles will be up for grabs, but you either have to be one of the first 200 fans each day who come to the Pepsi Perfect Booth (#CP101) dressed as Marty McFly – that dress must include puffy red vest or BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II jacket, blue jeans, white high-top sneakers, watch and optional hoverboard – or one of the fastest gunmen in town every day starting at 3 p.m. in games of Wild Gunman.

As for what is in the bottle, it’s a real drink. It’s not a new flavor formula, with Pepsi filling the 16.9-ounce bottle with Pepsi Made with Real Sugar, but come on… Who is really cracking this thing open unless it’s a matter of life and death?

I’m tossing my hat into the ring to try to get one of these for sure. It’d make a great addition to my office, which is filled with this kind of stuff. And I don’t expect everyone to understand… but for those of you who read through this and said, “Damn, that’s cool,” we’re on the same page. Now good luck to you in trying to get one for your own collection of geek things.

Pepsi makes BACK TO THE FUTURE PART II now on October 21.